Treat Yourself To Some Flowers This Weekend, Plus COTW!

Also: What's on your morning playlist?

Basically every week when I write this I struggle to suppress the urge to start talking about Walking Dead. I just thought you should know that.

I did something this week that I don’t normally do: I bought myself flowers. Nothing outrageous, just some carnations. They’re cheap, they last forever, and they smell like frosting. It’s nice just having something fresh and blooming in my house.

I'm also excited to tell you about a new band I'm loving and how I'm getting ready for winter, but first let's talk about you.

Here Are Your Comments of the Week!

  • Kelly’s post on her dog Doug's favorite grooming products brought out everyone's adorable pet photos. “Chuck Bass, Esq.” shared a biscuit recipe that I want to try (for the dogs, I swear…).
  • After Danielle schooled us on konjac sponges,“crypdang” offered an old school tip for acne prone skin.
  • I hate needles and I almost lost my lunch reading Calle’s post on IV drips as a hangover cure. Meanwhile, “Portmanteau” suggested an idea for a startup. Too bad they didn't have Kickstarter in the '90s!
  • DaMonica's news roundup informed us that Jessica Simpson spends $1 million a year on beauty. Like "lucky," I don't even know how I'd attempt to spend that much, but, yes, there would be lots and lots of Wet N Wild.


I’ve been trying to get my circadian rhythm in order for the winter. That means going to bed earlier (1 a.m. is too late, I don’t care if there’s more Law & Order) and waking up earlier. Besides my morning ritual of cold water, I’ve also started listening to the Soul Brothers every morning; they are a seriously underrated band from South Africa. I suggest you check them out!

  • Do you have a pet snack recipe that isn’t super gross to prepare? Share it!
  • What's on your morning playlist?
  • Do you ever treat yourself with flowers? I swear you need to.