Toronto Pride Week: 7 Crazy-Colorful Hair And Makeup Looks

Publish date:
July 2, 2014
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Along with dancing, kissing strangers, and eating street food, people watching is one of my favorite things to do during Pride Week in Toronto. The wigs, the face paint... it's like Halloween in June.

I’m always interested to see which trends pop up in the rainbow haze of Pride madness. And this year, since Toronto was the host of World Pride, things were especially festive.

First off, the streets were packed; it was impossible to get anywhere in any sort of reasonable time frame. There were SO many people, and nearly everyone was rocking a crazy-colorful hair and beauty look.


In addition to the usual Pride flair (rainbows, nudity, more nudity), face and body glitter was extremely popular this year. Even those who weren't wearing glitter to begin with likely left with a bit of sparkle.


Nails flaunting rainbows and glitter were equally represented, but that was the extent of the nail art creativity that I saw at Toronto Pride Week, unfortunately.


Pastel/colorful hair was huge, and I saw all sorts of folks rocking pastel rainbows in their hair (go team unicorn!). Of course, looking down on the crowd, there was a sea of brightly colored wigs and outrageous hats.


The newest trend was flower crowns. They were everywhere, on everyone, and they were adorable.

OK, enough blabbing, see for yourself!

What's the most fantastic or outrageous beauty look you've seen at a pride celebration? Were flower crowns big at your local pride parade this year?