Ranking My 10 Favorite Stories Of 2014

I've written almost 200 articles this year. Here are the ones that I love the best.

It’s hard for me to believe that this year is almost over. I mean, wasn’t I JUST sitting down to write about the beauty trends I wished would take off in 2014?

Equally hard for me to believe: I’ve written something like 200 articles this year. Damn, I’ve been prolific! So it seemed only fitting that I reflect on 2014 by picking out my ten favorite stories that I’ve written this year.

10. Creatures Of Comfort's Fashion Week Beauty: The Ideal Look For A Murder Mystery

What better way to make my Creatures of Comfort A/W 2014 story interesting than by writing it like a murder mystery? I mean, I DID grow up on a steady diet of Agatha Christie.

The best thing about this story was the comment from "melissa!" who wrote “I’M COMING WITH YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL NUT!” and posted this picture:

9. The Dos And Don'ts Of Wearing Flowers In Your Hair

This is the story that almost didn’t happen, because flowers-in-the-hair almost always come off a little too Coachella Runoff. When this story was approved, I KNEW I had to totally kill it and create really sophisticated, awesome looks.

After I filed the story and pictures, Anne-Marie told me I’d officially converted her. Mission accomplished!

8. The Best Of Beauty From C2E2, Because Nerds Love Makeup, Too.

I applied for press credentials to C2E2 not thinking that I’d get them, so I was both SHOCKED AND DELIGHTED when I did. This was such a great time. I got to meet a lot of readers and talked to so many cool people who were incredibly passionate about the things they love.

The greatest part of my C2E2 experience was meeting the amazing team behind Espionage Cosmetics. Nerd girls who love glitter, unite!

7. JINsoon x Tess Giberson Nails The Perfect Fall Manicure

I picked this story not just because I’m obsessed with JINsoon polishes, but because these are the best photos I’ve ever taken for Vain.

Hand photos are so hard to take and my nails look perfect, so it's like a triple-win.

6. Orphan Black Beauty: Two Clones, Two Completely Different Looks

My favorite TV show became one of my favorite looks, and I look GOOD as Sarah Manning.

I also love this story because not only did people not recognize me in this getup, but it forced me to see myself differently. I was reminded that yes, Virginia, I CAN pull off edgy...and that led me to take way more risks in future stories.

5. The MAC Simpsons Collection Review You've Been Waiting For

First of all: shoutout to my first serious boyfriend, who I referenced in this story and who I just found out reads all of my Vain articles. Hi!

One of the best things about being a beauty editor is getting cool things sent to you. But I actually started SCREAMING when this one arrived; that’s how excited I was.

Then the pressure was on. I needed to do this collection JUSTICE.

I *really* like the vest.

And I think I did. The Space Coyote would be proud of me.

4. When A Signature Hairstyle Becomes A Security Blanket

I get very nervous when I write more “personal” things. It’s scary to cop to long-held insecurities, let alone turn around and share those with a million people on the Internet.

But I shouldn’t have worried. Because if I’m going to talk about that stuff, you guys are the people I want to talk about it with: you are unfailingly kind and supportive to me and to each other. This story reminded me of how powerful sharing our stories can be.

3. Everything You Need To Know To Master The Cat Eye

One of the most common questions I got asked was about cat eyes, so I turned around and wrote a flipping ENCYCLOPEDIA about liquid eyeliner.

Close down the Internet. Nobody ever needs to write about this again.

2. 8 Beauty Rules That Are Sexist, Racist, And Dumb

Just after I turned 30, a well-meaning Facebook friend sent me a link to an article about “Things women need to stop doing at 30,” and I had a legit Feminist Rage Stroke. Oh really? I can’t wear miniskirts or lipgloss anymore because some dude’s boner might get sad? HELLLLLLL NOOOOO.

Hence, this article. Sometimes you just need to RANT, ya know?

1. Halloween Makeup Tutorial: The Bride of Frankenstein

Out of all the Halloween stories that I did in 2014--and there were A LOT OF THEM--my favorite was the Bride.

I straight-up LOVE this. Not only did the makeup turn out perfectly, combining glamour with classic creepiness, but the hair turned out better than I ever could have dreamed. And let’s be real--that mess took 45 minutes to comb out. No way effort like that is rewarded with anything other than #1 on my list.

  • Which of these stories did you love the most?
  • What was your favorite Alle look this year?
  • What should I wrote about in 2015? Tell me all about it!