3 Fiercely Beautiful Women To Watch On Season 5 Of 'The Walking Dead'

Unlike other shows on television, the most beautiful women on The Walking Dead are the ones with inner beauty and strength of will--and the strength to crack some skulls.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am beyond ready for the season five premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead this Sunday night. Despite the fact that they're generally caked in dirt, sweat, and zombie guts, last season marked some really great, beautiful (yes, beautiful) moments for the women of the cast. Unlike other shows on television, the most beautiful women on The Walking Dead are the ones with inner beauty and strength of will.

In honor of tomorrow's premiere, I've listed the three characters whose inner beauty stole the screen last season.

Carol's stoic and unflinching conviction

Carol was a captive of an abusive relationship in season one. After she lost her husband and daughter she could have easily crumbled, but she didn't. She formed friendships and kept it moving--because keeping it moving is life on Walking Dead. Carol is a no-nonsense survivalist. Sure, her measures are extreme--like that time she killed sick members of the group to keep sickness from spreading--but she has courage of conviction. She's willing to be hated for the sake of doing what she thinks will keep the group alive. That sense of standing up for what you believe in makes her beautiful to me.

Beth's courage to (finally) woman up and start cracking some walker skulls

I’ll be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of Beth and her youthful naivety at first. But last season we started to see a more mature Beth. When she and Daryl were separated from the group, and Daryl was going through some things, she brought out a side of him we had yet to see on the show. (There were actual tears--on the screen and on my face.) I have no idea where this relationship between Daryl and Beth is going to go in season five, but they've made a solid friendship that's bringing out Beth's strength as a person--and her value to the group. She's not just baby Judith's babysitter anymore.

Michonne's ability to come out of her loner samurai shell and remember her past

Michonne was introduced as a walls up, respect-commanding, zombie samurai. She enters the group as an outsider but soon becomes instrumental to their survival. In season four, the complexity (and mothering nature) of her character comes out through her relationship with Rick's son, Carl. She starts to remember her life before the zombie plague: we see her as a loving mother to the child and partner she lost. There’s a moment in the season when you think you’ll lose her to internal darkness, but instead of drowning in the pain of her memories, she uses them as a rallying cry to live. Her vulnerability, and her willingness to let a little joy in, made her so incredibly stunning to me!

OK, let's talk about season five. What is going to happen, you guys?!?! Predictions in the comments...

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