The Organic Project Will Get You Hooked On Aussie Beauty

This awesome Aussie online boutique is looking to change the way you think about beauty.

In our open thread a couple weeks ago, you told us that you wanted more coverage of new, cool places to buy beauty products. Ask and ye shall receive. This week I’m covering a fantastic Australian online beauty boutique, The Organic Project.

To get a little Stefon on you, THIS PLACE HAS EVERYTHING. Amazing cleansers! Fragrances! Masks! Fancy tea! I’m really stoked not just on the range of products that they carry, but the brands as well--many Australian beauty brands are hard to get in the U.S., which is a total heartbreaker.

Enter The Organic Project. It’s the brainchild of friends Josh Culnane and Matt Mitchener, who partnered with Aussie beauty genius Emma Jean Bridge to select only the very best products. I know everyone talks about “curating” things lately, but looking around The Organic Project, you really do get the feeling that everything has been thoughtfully selected. There are a lot of options, but not SO many that you feel overwhelmed--it’s more like shopping at a small, beautiful apothecary than a giant megamall.

With an emphasis on organic, Australian-made products, TOP carries antipodean mainstays like The Beauty Chef, Aromantik, and DnA Elements, as well as awesome emerging labels like The Little Alchemist and Musq. It’s a well-balanced mixture of brands that I already know, along with new ones that I’m excited to get familiar with. Shipping is fast (within seven days) and very reasonably priced. And if you’re not sure whether an item is right for you, you can check the product reviews or email The Organic Project’s sweet and helpful customer service--more on them in a minute--and they’ll put you on the right track.

Awesome products + individual service = wonderful, compelling reasons to shop small.

Another reason: doing good. A percentage of each sale at The Organic Project is donated to Opportunity International Australia. Per their website, OIA provides micro-loans to women in developing countries, helping them to start their own small businesses, send their kids to school, and break the cycle of poverty. Which is pretty fantastic.

And would you like presents? Of course you would. Spending $100 at The Organic Project means you’re officially a member of The TOP Club, and now you get samples of new products delivered right to your front door, every month for three months. It’s a great way to try out new stuff before you commit to buying it, and who doesn’t love mini-sized samples of beauty products?

OK. So now let’s talk about ALLE’S PRODUCT PICKS. I scoured TOP’s website and selected three things that I’m either the most excited to try out, or that I already know and love.

Remember how I mentioned the excellent customer service? Well, my skin has been giving me a hard time lately--breaking out, being dry, ugh--and I knew I needed to step up my exfoliation game. I emailed them to ask which of their exfoliators would be best for me, and after asking a lot of thorough questions about my skin and its behavior, they recommended Jacqueline Evans Chamomile and Walnut Scrub (product 1 in the image above). It’s gentle enough for skin that’s sensitive and moody, but not SO gentle that you won’t get results. Plus, who doesn’t love chamomile?

I’ve been dying to try these Musq Moisturizing Mineral Lipsticks (2) for a while now. I’ve heard such great things about them, and finally, a place where I can order them! I’m most drawn to Alexandrite (bright candy pink) and Garnet Glaze (deep ruby red), but Ametrine (medium brown berry) is appealing to my '90s throwback sensibilities, too. I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of these colors, and when I do, I can’t WAIT to tell you all about how they wear.

And then, oh man, I am the MAXIMUM excited about this. I tried Indah Beautiful Organics Yin Coconut Tea (3) while in New York last year, and I fell in love immediately. Imagine my heartbreak when I couldn’t order it outside of Australia. And then my excitement to find it at TOP! It has so many of my favorite tea things: coconut (the primary taste and smell), lavender, rose, passionflower, and chamomile. I call it “the food tea” because, like the draught of the Ents, it seems unusually substantial once you’ve brewed it. It’s delicious and relaxing, which is exactly what you want in a hot cuppa (as we'd say back home).

So if you’re looking for a gorgeous selection of amazing, ethical (Aussie!) products, check out The Organic Project and get ready to fall in love. I can't wait for my tea and lipsticks to arrive.

Now tell me: what's your favorite Aussie beauty brand? Which TOP products are you most stoked on? What's your favorite online beauty store (that isn't Sephora) and should we cover it? Tell me everything!