#TheHomelessPeriod Shines Light On The Donations Shelters Really Need

Plus: technicolor beards, shoes with interchangeable heels, Solange's orange mascara moment, and more stories we just had to share.

#TheHomelessPeriod opens our eyes to the shortage of sanitary care items in homeless shelters.

What started as a hashtag has become a petition for the U.K. to get sanitary care items into homeless shelters where supply is low or non-existent. Closer to home, stories have been circulating on The Huffington Post and attn: about the lack of such necessities in U.S. homeless shelters. According to one New Jersey shelter, tampons and pads are top on the list of needed donations. [.mic]

Pass the orange mascara. Solange for Eleven Paris is FIRE.

Do you die? I kind of did. I've tried blue mascara, green mascara, but never orange, an oversight I'll remedy as soon as I can get my hands on something similar to what Solange is wearing in this spring campaign ad for Eleven Paris. [ELLE]

Shoes with interchangeable heels--they're what the world needs more of.

Canadian designer Tanya Heath is here to save your feet. She's created a shoe line with interchangeable heels, which makes me want to stand up and clap. It's the best of both worlds: comfort on your commute and power heels in the office. Please, fashion powers that be, more ideas like this. [Huffington Post]

Stop motion nail art is the best possible way to use 3-D printing.

The science and tech world is abuzz over 3-D printing, but this collabo between manicurist Hatsuki Furutani and director Mizuki Kawano is the first time I've been like, YEAH, 3-D PRINTING IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD. It's like Disney's Fantasia, but for nail art nerds. Me likey. See how the video was made here. [The Verge]

The New York Times dubs technicolor beards "ubiquitous."

Oh, really? Well how come this is the first time I'm seeing one? Are y'all seeing this out there in the world (or on your tumblrs)? [The New York Times]

The Amy Winehouse documentary trailer I can't. stop. watching.

Due out this summer, the film is a must-watch for anyone who is a fan of Amy (or winged eyeliner and teased hair). It's said to include unseen interviews and unreleased music. [Paper]

Celebrities are wearing their hair longer (like, a lot longer).

Extremely long, butt cheek-grazing hair had a moment in the '70s (thanks mostly to Cher), but it's seldom seen in the new millennium. Why? Because it's hard to keep healthy and it tangles up in infuriating knots, says the beauty editor whose hair hangs three inches north of her lady lumps in the back and one inch below her lady lumps in the front. [Style.com]