12 Texts I Got From Beauty Writers During The Oscars

My favorite part of Oscar Sunday is texting with the xoCrew.
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February 23, 2015
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1. The real winners of the evening, according to Kara.

Fun fact: K and I are both obsessed with JLo and we recently read her memoir. But seriously, how gorgeous are these two?! Meryl is 65 and Jenny is 45. WHAT.

2. This is how Kara and I discuss our love for Margot Robbie’s very Heart-of-the-Ocean inspired necklace.

We LOVED her look, and not just because it’s literally Kara’s look (blonde bob, red lips, va va voom).

3. Let the record state: I predict BIG THINGS for Dakota Johnson.

She was really great in Fifty Shades, and she’s got the best bangs in the game. (Double entendre totally intended, if you caught it.)

4. Kara has opinions, and I don’t disagree.

She looked like a sexy earth angel, right?

6. Mississippi woman, Louisiana man.

I’m obsessed with these two, and last night they looked like House of Cards meets Nashville in all the best ways.

7. Right? Swoon.

But Ethan Hawke is still too “Hey, that’s my bike” for me to be into him.

9. Victoria and I have really good ideas and opinions.

Common is a beautiful, perfect man.

11. Does anyone else feel this way?

Maroon 5 makes me want to take a shower and probably exfoliate a bit too much, like when you’ve been at a gross party.

12. Only some of my hopes and dreams for Gaga’s performance came true.

  • Did you watch the Oscars?
  • What was your favorite moment? Any best-dressed/best beauty picks?
  • Is texting with your friends your favorite part of watching awards shows, too?