Why Chat About the Latest Beauty News in a Secret Facebook Group When You Can Do It Right Here?

From lipstick to body-shaming, we're covering a wide range of topics this weekend.
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May 1, 2016
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It's a beautiful day and the very first Sunday of a brand new month! Don't you feel all fresh and alive? Aren't you excited to pay rent? (This is more of a reminder to myself than to you, honestly.) Tell me all about what you've been doing this weekend in the comments. Did you drink too much? Did you buy something amazing? Have you been watching a ton of TV? Today is also my little brother Dylan’s 26th birthday! Remember when I wrote about him and you all freaked out because you thought he was hot? He’s still riding that high.


Tennessee teen body-shamed at prom

Spring means a few things: rain showers, tulips, worms and prom season. It's been a long time since I went to prom, and I'm horrified to see so much focus on girls' prom dresses in the news lately. One Tennessee teen, excited to attend this time-honored event, was stopped at the door and ​told her dress was too revealing. School officials told her she had to put on the vice principal's jacket to cover up if she wanted to attend. WTF. Also, gross.

The parent of one of Amy's classmates posted about what happened on Facebook and it went viral, as these things tend to do. The post seems to have been removed, but it was shared over 40,000 times according to New York mag.

"She was told by a teacher repeatedly, 'Us big girls gotta cover up,'" the post read. "This young girl was SHAMED for having breasts. Her excitement during this memorable time of her life turned into embarrassment at the hands of adults who are supposed to be leading her."

Apparently, the school doesn't have a dress code and the beautiful Miss Amy was the only one told to cover up. Hopefully she didn't let this gross body-shaming ruin her prom.

Taylor Swift *gasp* changes up her look again!

Taylor Swift is experimenting with her look as of late, like any normal 20-something girl would do. She bleached her shaggy bob platinum blonde and now she's even ditching her trademark red lipstick. What is going on, Taylor? Is there something you need to tell us?


When high school and post-high-school BFF's are united 🙌🏼

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Tay was spotted at her BFF Gigi Hadid's 21st birthday party in a dark, vampy shade of lipstick that shocked the internet so much that ​major media outlets are posting about it! Can you imagine being so young, so pretty and so super-famous that various news outlets put up a story simply because you're wearing a different color lipstick?

That being said, it is nice to see Taylor trying new things whether they work or not. (I'm still on the fence about the bleach job, if we're being honest.) She's taking some time off after her killer year, so I don't blame her for getting a new haircut and choosing MAC Diva instead of Ruby Woo. Maybe her next album will be all gothy and witchy.

Secret Facebook beauty groups are the new jam

I'm actually a member of one of these! It's a really fun community of people who are just really, really into all things beauty, and it's not limited to women, either. When I was added, there were only about 400 members, but it keeps getting bigger as more people profess their obsession with the perfect highlighter or a creamy matte nude lip. I think it's around 5000 now! The founder was even interviewed by Good Morning America about the group, so it's safe to say the cat's out of the bag.

A ​writer at Byrdie is part of this group, too, and she's been using it to break out of her beauty rut and to learn about new techniques and products she probably wouldn't have come across, even as a beauty writer. Hey, it happens. Members are constantly posting selfies and sharing tips with each other, as well as giving advice and a little support when you need it. As she says, "This group isn’t just a cliquey Pinterest alternative; it’s a safe space for a diverse community to geek out together about beauty."

Obviously, this is something we know about, considering the community at xoVain is just as tight-knit and supportive. Spend a little time in the comments of the LOTW and you'll see just how great it is to have a place where no one will shame you for spending a chunk of your paycheck at Sephora or chide you for taking selfies when you know you look hot.

Lipsticks can be iconic, too!

Vogue and I agree that lipsticks are iconic, especially the ones ​featured prominently in famous, beloved movies like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

While we don't know exactly which colors Marilyn was wearing in character as Lorelei Lee, Vogue can help us find something similar, or swipe on a nudey-pink and pretend to be Holly Golightly in the back of a taxi preparing to read a farewell letter. "A girl can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick," you know. Um, obviously I totally know that feeling.

  • My favorite lipstick moment is when Elizabeth Taylor scrawls on the mirror in Butterfield 8. What are your favorite lipstick moments in the movies?
  • What did you wear to prom? (Even if it was a million years ago.) Show us pictures!
  • What do you love about the xoVain community? Or are you a member of the secret beauty club, too?
  • Do you like Taylor's new look? Why or why not? Do you think the celebrity news cycle is silly and that we should just let Taylor wear dark lipstick in peace?