Beauty Roundup: The Biggest Spring 2015 Beauty Trends? Sweaty Faces And Eyebrow Rings

The most budget-beauty look that ever was.

• You read it here first: "Sweaty" is going to be a huge look for spring 2015. (Or "flushed and overheated," as NARS describes it.) And if you thought about retiring your eyebrow piercing, maybe instead, you just add to it--like the above look from Rodarte. The world is yours. [Fashionista and The New York Times]

• File under: I feel you, but it's not your day: Bridesmaids! Have you ever hated your wedding hair so much it left you in tears? Wowza. Echoing Alle, I can't say enough about the importance of doing a trial-run before the main event. (That, and remembering to keep things in perspective.) [Allure]

• Raise your hand if sticking to deadlines is hard for you. According to a new study, it could be because of your perception of time. (Whoa, dude.) Researchers found that "[people] are less likely to start work on assignments that seem to be part of the future." Another argument for living in the moment? [Science Daily]

• It's well-known by now that Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette, lives better than most humans. ("You know, she has two maids, and the driver takes care of her too.") Now, Choupette also has her very own makeup collection. This holiday, get ready for Shupette (heh), a collaboration between Uncle Karl, his cat, and Shu Uemura. [WWD]

• The latest celeb to launch a beauty line? Demi Lovato. In December, you will be able to experience Devonne by Demi, a collection of three skincare products with proceeds going to the Lovato Treatment Scholarship, "which supports recovery programs for young women." Homegirl does have great skin, so maybe she knows something we don't. [Idolator]

• Is this the death rattle of the selfie: When people start inventing products to help aid you in selfie-taking? What more do you need to take a selfie, other than your...self-ie? (GROAN.) Apparently, there is a cottage industry for this stuff. Behold! The Selfie Brush. [BuzzFeed]

• Motivated by Alyssa's recent major hair transformation? Take a look at this slideshow of before and after cuts and colors for even more hair inspiration. I'm super into slides 12 and 13. Amazing. [Refinery29]