What's Something You Do in Your Summer Beauty Routine That You Don't Do Any Other Time of Year?

One thing's for sure: xoVain contributors are currently taking more showers.
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August 26, 2016
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OK, dearhearts, we're gonna try something new this week. Not that I don't love telling you about new red lipsticks — and I'm sure many of you love reading about them — but I've decided to throw those at you sporadically as opposed to Friday afternoons when everyone wants to congregate and talk and whatnot.

So this week, I'm introducing a new kind of Open Thread: one where I present a question to xoVain contributors and then turn it over to you to answer, too. And of course, since it's an Open Thread (even if it doesn't say so in the title), you can talk about whatever the hell you want, even if it's not beauty-related.

This week's question:

What's something you do in your summer beauty routine that you don't do any other time of year?

Sable: "Shower (more). I mean, I'll go three or four days without a shower in winter. My biggest secret is that I am gross plz don't tell ne1."

Kat: "Dust on MAC's Blot Powder four times per day. Also, wash my hair daily."

Kara: "I use powder foundation instead of liquid, and I sometimes go without mascara because I don't need it as much when I'm tan. Also, I tan."

Samantha: "I switch to a matte foundation instead of the dewy goodness that is YSL Touche Éclat. But everything else is the exact same."

Christina: "I wear less makeup in general because the sun makes my skin look and feel better and makes me invincible. I also epilate all the hair I've been hiding under layers for the rest of the year. And I wear less lotion because my skin isn't as dry and I'm a lazy lotion user."

Jamie: "Lotion up all the way up the legs. In winter, I might lotion only shins/calves (if at all), but in summer, everything must be lotioned! Another exclamation point for emphasis! It is decreed!"

Hannah L.: "I stop using body lotion because the sun gets rid of all my dry skin and scaly patches. And I air-dry my hair most days."

Allison: "I use way fewer moisturizing products on my whole body, hair included, because I turn into a giant sweaty greaseball. I'm also way more serious about sun protection in weird forgettable spots like my ears, the back of the arms, my feet, etc."

Rachel: "I wear my hair up almost all the time in the summer, because it's just a frizzy, curly mess. In the colder months, I usually blow-dry it, but in summer it's too hot and also a waste of time."

Tamara: "I actually shave my legs. Also I oil up my body more because it gets really dry with all the swimming I do."

Wendy: "I definitely shower more — sometimes three times a day. If I have to be in the car for any amount of time or I take a walk or need a reprieve, it's time to shower. 110 is not cool, literally. Also, I keep my sheet masks in the fridge so they feel cold when I put them on!"

Kelly: "I use self-tanner and setting powder and actually shave every week."

Hannah: "I wash my hair with more frequency, like every other or third day, as opposed to every third or fourth day (or longer). And I try to wear lighter fragrances."

As for me, summer is the only season in which I'll skip foundation or BB cream. Not every day — I wore foundation just yesterday, as a matter of fact — but sometimes I just skip it even if I'm not loving my skin, because sweat is just going to make it drip away anyway.

So how about you? What's something you do in your summer beauty routine that you don't do any other time of year? (I've now typed that three times, and I'm pretty sure something is supposed to come out of the mirror now.) And what else do you feel like chatting about this weekend?