This Weekend's Beauty News Has a Genius Hack, a Dubious Blunder, And Of Course, A Chicken

Plus, what's the most popular lipstick color in your state?
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July 31, 2016
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Hangovers suck so bad. As I write this, I'm bundled in my bed with a huge glass of ice water at hand, watching Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. I don't know why a "quick drink and a snack at happy hour" turned into "drinking party," but such is life and summer.

Anyway, hopefully a couple hours in the tub with "detox" bubble bath will make me feel better. Shall we talk news instead of liquor?

Super-smart student embeds her subway card in her acrylics

Enterprising jewelry design student Lucie Davis, currently studying at Central Saint Martins, was apparently tired of fumbling around for her tube card, which gave her the idea to literally embed the chip on her person. Lucie removed the chip from her card and stuck it in a set of acrylic nails, which she then painted in the cool hues of her Oyster card. Now, instead of swiping a card to enter the subway, Lucie can just tap with her finger and enter. Genius!

Watch Lucie's creation at work:

Nerdist says Lucie can add money to her card because it's chip-activated. However, she will eventually have to have a new set of nails applied, because no set of acrylics can last forever.

What's the most coveted lip color in your state?

Polyvore created this little infographic based on the most-searched lipstick shades by state from their site, and as you can see, the U.S. leans heavily nude. Polyvore claims this is Kylie Jenner's impact.

I'm from North Dakota, and the fact that North Dakotans want black lipstick absolutely shocks me.

Where does your state stack up? It looks like most of the xoVain ladies live in states where nude wins, including where I now live, Minnesota. My home state, though, is the dark horse โ€” almost literally. I'm going to attribute this to the fact that there are, like, no people in North Dakota and that not too many of them use Polyvore. North Dakota is one of those places that if you wore black lipstick to Target, people would ask you what's wrong or stare at you so hard they'd walk into an end cap. (Love you, ND!)

Did this girl really wash off her hair with Nair?

When Kayla Connors posted this tweet about her sister using the classic hair remover Nair as shampoo, it quickly went viral as these beauty-related snafus tend to do.

However, PopSugar isn't so sure she actually used Nair, and neither is the internet.

I mean, as someone who once used Nair on her eyebrows, Nair has a smell. A serious, stinky, I'm-gonna-remove-that-hair-fast-but-it's-not-gonna-be-pleasant smell. Also, it would probably take quite a while to remove all the head on your hair, considering you have to let it sit on your legs for several minutes. It does seem unlikely that her hair would have dissolved in such a manner.

One Twitter user pointed out that her sister's head looks like a victim of bad Photoshop.

Let's hope that's what happened.

And here it is, your moment of Zen

It's Sunday, I'm hungover and I just need to watch this video of a little girl grooming her chicken over and over. I do not like poultry one bit, but this is pretty effing adorable. That chicken is so happy and beautiful!

Are you surprised by the Polyvore shade search?

Are you from North Dakota? Are there any Dakotans in here? Raise your hand!

Did you experiment with Nair when you were a kid? Any horror stories?