My New Spring Lipstick, Plus COTW!

If I bring out all my pink and coral lipsticks, that means spring is here, right?
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March 14, 2015
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Welcome to your COTW, where I'll be filling in for Trista. Can we talk about spring makeup? I loved Tamara's sunrise-inspired LOTW, and I myself am suddenly putting down the dark red lipstick and nail polish in favor of pink and coral shades.

I recently bought this Revlon HD Lipstick in Tulip after seeing Emma Stone wear it to the Oscars. It's not very long-lasting and the lipstick gets all over the packaging, but other than I'm glad I let Ms. Stone influence me (as always). Tulip is a really pretty coral shade and it feels incredibly silky on my lips. Just be sure to exfoliate really well first.

Now, Here Are Your Comments Of The Week!

1. A big thanks to "Laurenna" for this perfume tip! (I've also heard that spraying some perfume on unscented lotion before rubbing it in helps, but I prefer the oil idea.)

If you're disappointed in the longevity of non-oil based perfumes, you should try dabbing some of your favorite carrier oil ( I use jojoba or grape seed) on your skin before you spray! It's not exactly the same as a perfume oil, but I found it definitely makes my perfume last longer throughout the day!

2. People were somewhat divided over spray-on vs. roll-on deodorant. I have to say, I'm with "AshleyAnn."

When I lived in Europe I wished on stars for solid deodorant. Get out of my pits forever, spray on deodorant.

3. There were some great makeup storage ideas in the comments of Maricar's article about repurposing macaron boxes, but "sybilvain" made me laugh and nod my head in agreement.

I'm mostly on board with this 'cause I want to eat enough boxes of macarons to have a need for a way to recycle them.

4. Multiple people professed their love for this eyebrow tinting hack, including "Elise Erin."

I have extremely light brows--like without filling them in (drawing them on more like it) I look kind of like a seal. I've tried "tinting" and it does nothing for me--it looks okay for a couple of days but still needs a ton of filling in. Now, I use "Just for Men Beard and Moustache" dye that comes in a little kit and lasts forever, and I have much better results. It seems like the dye is actually meant to last through harsher washings.

5. I'm definitely one of those people whose screen addiction interferes with sleep, so I thought this tip from "Patricia Magicia" was helpful and really interesting!

For those of you (like me) who can't do the "no screens at bedtime" thing because your life involves working on stuff at a screen until you're too tired to do more and that determines your bedtime, download f.lux. It's a free software that warms up the color of the light coming out of your screen at sunset, so it's less of a blue-light fluorescent-type thing and more like an incandescent bulb or a candle. Turns out it's the blue light that messes with sleep patterns--this has really helped me!

  • Have you tried the Revlon HD Lipstick line yet? What did you think?
  • Do you have a favorite spring lipstick (or blush or whatever) that you're happy to break out now that it's warmer?
  • Or do you just wear what you like regardless of the season?

Photo by Josh Kirby