Spray-On Sunscreen Is A Great Makeup Sealer, Plus COTW!

I rarely wear makeup when it’s hot and muggy out. But I was feeling kind of like a naked mole rat after a week of going sans face paint, so before hitting the beach I slapped on some NYC BB Cream (which has a sheer formula that evens out skin tone without looking chalky) and just a touch of shadow and mascara.

From the back seat (come on, you put makeup on in your car, liars!), my son Pancake asked for “swatches.” That's my way of including him when I’m getting ready, swatching a few shades of shadow on his wrist for him to admire. It makes me think about how I’ll approach makeup/primping once he and his soon-to-arrive little sister get older. I remember my mom would shower and "put on her face" and wouldn’t emerge from the bathroom until she was done. She always looked the same coming out, so what was she doing in there?

Alright dears, on to Comments of the Week!

1. Elle Fanning debuted an interesting new haircut for a role recently. Props to “zldn” for pointing out that there's more than one way to look at a haircut.

“I'm loving the 'ugly' haircuts featured in this post. Basically, my heart sings when celebs subvert the standard of being attractive all the time for something unexpected (even if it's for a role). It's why I like Miley's brand of sexuality, 'You want sexy and naked? Fine but you'll have to look at my tongue/grotesque 80's leotard, too'” --"zldn"

2. Mari’s article about multi-use beauty products made my life about 110% better. Thanks, too, to “EmmaProblema” and “Heather P.” for the deodorant tips in the comments!

“Deodorant for thigh chaffing! Just swipe some between your thighs and you're set!.” --"EmmaProblema"

“I've also been known to slide some under my boobs on super hot days to prevent the dreaded "boob sweat" (#bigboobproblems)” --Heather P.

3. Rachel deserves a slow clap for un-seating French Girl Beauty from its pedestal, but “Genevieve” drove it home.

“ As a black french girl, who isn't thin and actually has to wear makeup to even look alive, i can tell you, i hate those "french girl makeup/beauty tips" things too! its so stupid, all women in france look different and they base them solely on some bullshit fantasy -_____- non bien.” --asabovesobelow." --"Genevieve"

4. As Alle pointed out, some beauty products should NEVER be given as gifts. “Saramitroff” should be knighted for this little gem about random bath sets.

“I say ban all cheapie bath sets. I've received SO many unknown-brand bubble baths and body washes that I'll never use with my sensitive skin. I know that people often want to get something substantial for not a lot of money, but I'd rather get just one or two nicer products than 4 or 5 gross bath products.” --"Saramitroff"

5. I love a deal, but spotting lesser-than or straight-up FAKE salon products, is a skill we all need to hone. Also, I miss you “Kevin Ewell”!

“Great article and a lot of good info. One thing I would like to point out however is that many companies including Bumble & Bumble, Paul Mitchell, TIGI and others make "Salon Grade" products for Walmart, Target, CVS etc... that are not the same formula and not the same strength. These products come in nearly identical packaging in order to make you think you are buying the salon dupe. I know this because I have seen it first hand. Remember: "Salon Grade" is in no way a regulated term and is for marketing purposes only.” --"Kevin Ewell"

A pretty fantastic discovery I’ve made this week? Spray-on sunscreen, like Banana Boat’s Sport SPF 30, totally works as a makeup sealer. I am basically a walking commercial for the stuff. It goes on light, doesn’t irritate my skin, and is super effective. You’re not really supposed to spray it on your face, but after talking to a customer rep, it seems like as long as you close your eyes and mouth, you’re golden.

  • Totally off topic: Are you cooking Thanksgiving dinner for your family this year? I usually do, and I’m freaking out about having enough time, so I'll love you forever if you share any killer side dishes that are quick to prepare in the comments!
  • Do you think about how your use of beauty products is perceived by little ones? Like, say, your kids or your kid sister?
  • Did you watch your mom put on her makeup? Did it influence your ideas about makeup in general?