This Baby Makeup Artist Better Make Sure Snapchat Isn't Stealing Her Looks for Filters

Also in this weekend's beauty news: a familiar face shows you the latest weird thing to contour with.
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June 26, 2016
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As I write this I'm preparing for a weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, with the one and only Tynan! You'll have to stay tuned to see what we're doing, but we'll probably be Snapping and Instagramming sneaky peeks.

This one-year-old makeup artist puts us all to shame

OK, not really, but isn't this video the cutest thing you've ever seen? Marci sent it to me and I watched it four times in a row.

Makeup artist Felicia La Tour captured her daughter Peace Marie's intricate makeup routine, and the Internet collectively lost its mind at the cuteness. Look at her concentration! She's deep into the YouTube tutorial and mimics all the motions on her own face β€” even with the same brushes! Her contour might need a little more blending, but if she's this dedicated at age one, where will she be in 15 years?

I'm excited to see what effect YouTube has on today's toddlers and preschoolers. The little girls in my life use it to watch makeup tutorials from tweens, but also to watch adult women playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys. It's really interesting to see how they react to what's onscreen, and what they choose to watch next. Will we have a whole new generation of baby makeup artists in the next few years? I wouldn't be surprised.

Snapchat has been stealing filter ideas from makeup artists

I just rejoined Snapchat after a few years without it and I'm totally, reluctantly obsessed with the dumb filters. They're so fun! When I had Snapchat back in the day, you could basically just write words on your pics and that was it. I've been having so much fun turning myself into a French maid or a baby hippo!

However, Snapchat has gotten some flak for stealing makeup artists' work and repurposing it as filters. Makeup artists like Argenis Pinal and @mykie_ have both taken to Instagram to show their work side-by-side with a Snap filter.

According to PopSugar, Pinal complained about the filter and said if Snapchat would've just asked, he would have been totally OK with them featuring his work as a filter.

Stealing is bad, Snapchat! Don't steal from independent makeup artists! Hire them to help you make filters instead!

Bumble and bumble teams up with Buzzfeed to transform trans people into their favorite icons

I loved this collab between Bumble and bumble and Buzzfeed. They asked 16 trans people which icons inspire them and then turned them into those people, from Bowie to Prince to Madonna. It's gorgeous and the perfect way to celebrate Pride.

A familiar face is contouring said face with the best multitasking tool ever

"It's video time!" Perhaps you've already seen this fabulous Revelist "wine contouring" video starring the wonderful Alle, because it went viral on Facebook. Of all the ridiculous things to contour with, I think a bottle of wine would be my favorite.

Is it a sendup or is it for serious? You'll have to watch to find out.

  • Are you celebrating Pride? Happy Pride to you!
  • Do you have kids? Are they into YouTube tutorials?
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