I'm Using Smelling Salts For Stress Relief, Plus COTW!

I'm sniffing my stress away!
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February 28, 2015
aromatherapy, NYFW, anti-stress, cultural appropriation, portland general store, hot yoga

This last week I’ve been a big ball of stress. My camera crapped out, there was freezing rain all weekend, and we’re leaving on a trip next week. There literally are not enough hours in each day, and the stress is piling up a bit.

Hot yoga has been helping me relax, and weirdly enough, smelling salts are keeping me calm and on task. Think of it as personal, portable aromatherapy that won't irritate the people around you.

I'm using Portland General Store’s Tobacco Smelling Salts, which promise to reduce tension and migraines. I love just taking a minute to drink some water and inhale all the calming goodness!

Time for Comments of The Week!

1. Whether you're at the Oscars or the deli counter, don’t be a jerk to your mom. “Stephanie Thompson,” I couldn’t agree more!

I cannot get on board with Dakota Johnson. Anyone who goes out of their way to backtalk to their momma WHILST IN A LIVE INTERVIEW is truly a brat. Show some love to your mother.--Stephanie Thompson

2. As in the case of sindoor and the A/W 2015 Libertine show, sometimes inspiration crosses the line from appreciated to appropriated. Thank you to "steve rogers or bust" for sharing!

“I tend to feel REALLY strongly when I see Indian and other South Asian traditions turned into high fashion on white models, or even white people in my neighborhood, who seem to be "trying it on" rather than actually expressing themselves through the symbolism the adornments represent. My sister in law is white, but she does sindoor and wears bangles and it never looks out of place on her even in public because she isn't doing it as a fashion statement, but as something incorporated with her own everyday clothing, a manifestation of sentiment. Whereas the girl at the coffee shop down the street in dreads, wearing a string of bindis across her brow, and a giant naath? Considering she can't even pronounce my NAME, it feels like appropriation. It feels like something she's wearing because it hits a certain aesthetic, something she can discard because it's easy, and doesnt integrate with or shape her identity. It feels like she hasn't bothered to read up on the histories or impact or meaning behind her accessories. And I guess it would be fine--because let's be real, I wear lots of clothing without knowing if it has significant cultural impact that I'm not understanding or operating within the context of. But the difference is when I'm constantly exoticized for my nose ring, or my kurtis, and non-South Asian women get to wear them without any implications beyond "oh, that's pretty," well...I get sensitive."--steve rogers or bust

3. The brown makeup trend is hot right now, but looking like you have a dependency problem never is.

I'm so glad you dissed the "heroin chic" term. Having seen a few friends go through rehab thanks to heroin, I can honestly say there is NOTHING chic about it!”--Julia Katsu

4. Whiter teeth are getting easier to achieve, but heed your dentist’s orders when it comes to hardware!

“I did have braces, but I didn't wear my retainer and now I have a pretty noticeable snaggle tooth situation. Snaggle Tooth Bonus: it's more yellow than the rest of my teeth since it's on the front lines. I started cutting tiny strips of Crest white strips and adhering those just to the one tooth every couple of nights. And it's actually working. I think they're all a pretty uniform color now. Not wearing my retainer is my biggest regret in this lifetime and is also the thing I will shout at children when I'm old and senile, while waving my fist/pointing my finger. "MAKE SURE YOU WEAR YOUR RETAINER!!"--Kate

5. As we collectively mourn the end of Parks and Rec, you can take solace in knowing that there’s an indie scent to remind you of it.

I have to say, "lurk" sounds like the name of a Dennis Feinstein scent...”--kantiankitten

  • What show are you going to replace Parks and Recreation with?
  • Just tell me: Are you sick of hearing about The Dress?
  • How do you deal with stress? Ever tried aromatherapy?