Open Thread: My New Favorite Beauty Discovery

Or whatever you want to talk about.

Hi everybody! Anne-Marie is on her well-deserved tropical vacation this week, and so I am your host for this week's open thread. Welcome!

Because an Open Thread is nothing without a theme, I wanted to ask you about the best beauty discovery you’ve made lately. Do you want to see mine? You may need to prepare yourselves for this…

Yes my friends, behold: these are SHERLOCK-THEMED NAIL WRAPS.

Featuring accurate text from the books and accented with the wallpaper print from 221B Baker Street, these delight my irregular heart.

So how did I get my delicate fingers on these? You might remember when I went to C2E2 and met the beautiful geniuses behind Espionage Cosmetics. Well, my favorite fellow sparkly nerd babes are developing an all-new line of nail stickers, and this is a prototype of one of their new designs. I love having totally awesome nails, but truthfully? I love what this represents even more.

Growing up as a nerdy girl, I felt like a lonely freak. Nobody else shared my interests, or if they did, they told me I was probably just faking them to impress boys. Which is why as an adult, I’m so happy to find my people--women who are passionate about what they do, who love the things that I love and who know that an encyclopedic knowledge of Lord of the Rings and flawless eyeliner game are not mutually exclusive.

So if you want to Sherlock your nail game or wear NASA-accurate galaxies on your fingers, I suggest you check out Espionage’s Kickstarter and help get the word out. Not only will you be supporting an awesome independent cosmetics company, but you’ll be getting a superlative product: I’ve been wearing these nail stickers for 10 days now, and there’s only the tiniest amount of wear at the tips. And you guys KNOW how picky I am about my nail game!

Sherlock nails and an awesome Kickstarter I'm proud to support = my best beauty discoveries of the week (and maybe of my nerdy, glitter-loving life). What have you discovered lately that you’re obsessed with? What was your best makeup look this week? Did you eat any interesting sandwiches?

This is YOUR thread, so tell us everything.