Sharpie Nails Are My New Pinterest Obsession, Plus COTW!

Book recommendations, mascara wand guys have the best comments on the whole wide web.
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February 14, 2015
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Oh dears, it’s Valentines Day! I don’t really observe it, but I appreciate any holiday that celebrates love (and chocolate that flows like water).

In case you haven’t had enough of my riveting Pinterest adventures, I was recently inspired by this Sharpie nail art. So I grabbed a $3 pack of metallic Sharpies and got to work.

The gist: Just doodle at will and apply a top coat to protect!

Time For Comments of The Week!1. We all collectively swooned over Alyssa’s article on fresh ways to give V-Day flowers. I hope "esgarrouth" met her goal!

“I biked past a girl wearing a red and pink and white flower crown on my campus today. It was really big and she was dressed really cute and totally rockin' it and I kind of want to try it now?? Goal this week: wear flowers in my hair (also, maybe wash my hair).”--esgarrouth

2. Wendy showed us some fun three-minute gym hairstyles, and then "EnviousLashes" told us this great story that made us want to give her a virtual fist bump.

“I remember the first time I ever leg pressed 640. When I was done, this really hot guy on the machine next to me came over, gave me a fist bump, and told me that was awesome. I get really self conscious in the gym because I'm overweight and that was the greatest feeling in the world, knowing I accomplished something like that. The hot guy fist bump was an excellent bonus ;)”--EnviousLashes

3. In case you needed another reason to try yoga,“Hannah Lloyd-Pancakes” has one for you.

“I love yoga so much. I've been practicing at home a lot for the last six months and the slow change in my body has been so satisfying! It's a great solution to feeling stressed and anxious at night, and sleepy and slow in the morning. Yoga 4 lyf”--Hannah Lloyd-Pancakes

4. After reading new contributor Kat S.'s post, I want all of the beauty books, especially this one (thanks, "Stacey Rader").

“It wasn't a straight-up beauty book, but Swell: A Girl's Guide to the Good Life by Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig had some good beauty/fashion tips in it. Plus, it was fun to read how to be a retro-style bon vivant. And it was the book that taught me about how to avoid/cure hangovers, which was handy in my early 20s. ETA: I wonder how much I'd roll my eyes at this book now, though.”--Stacey Rader

5. Tamara gave us some amazing hacks for fluttery doll lashes, and then “LogicPoodle” shared this brilliant product-saving tip.

“Wash your brush. You know how your mascara seems to get dry and clumpy, but you KNOW it's only a few weeks old and still shiny and moist? The mascara on your brush is drying out. Wash it completely clean with cleaner, soap, and hot water, until there's no trace of old mascara. Rinse in hot water, let air dry in a clean place, and put it back in. It's like a brand new tube. I put a twist of plastic wrap over the tube opening to keep germs and air out while the brush is washing and drying.”--Logic Poodle

  • Have you played around with Sharpies recently? Show me!
  • Are you getting itchy for spring? I just saw seeds out at the store!
  • What are you doing for V-Day?