Kendall Jenner and Vanessa Williams Do Not See Eye-to-Eye on Acne Treatments

But now you can zoom in on their Instagram selfies to see whose zit solution works better.
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August 31, 2016
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I am acutely aware that fall doesn't start for another three weeks, but that doesn't put a damper on my joy over tomorrow being the first day of September. It gives me so much hope for great new things! I'm not even sure why — maybe it's a glimmer of how I used to feel as a kid when I actually looked forward to going back to school, before I became an ennuinager.

Almost as much as my birthday and perhaps even more so than New Year's, September inspires me to make resolutions and adjustments and to try new things. And the weeks between the 1st and the equinox feel like a grace period when I can decide if something I'm trying to do differently is something for me to stick with. For example, I'm planning to do a total overhaul of my skincare routine this weekend so I have a new regimen solidified for the rest of the year.

One thing I won't start doing in September, however, is what's happening in our first beauty news blurb this week.

People are treating Sephora like a bathroom, and they're not sorry.

To clarify, people are not peeing or pooping in the middle of Sephora. At least not that I know of. (I seriously just Googled "defecate in Sephora" to confirm.) Anyway, what I mean is that an increasing number of people stop by Sephora on their way to wherever — work, a date, etc. — to unashamedly do their makeup, hair, and even their nails using the testers.

"[Jayda] Boyce even brings her own makeup brushes for painterly sessions," the Wall Street Journal reports. "Buying stuff isn’t the point."

"Other particularly brazen women would dab and blot numerous samples onto brushes and then station themselves in front of a mirror to take care of business," reporter Khadeeja Safdar relays after speaking to a former Sephora store employee. "Rarely, if ever, did they make a purchase."

I don't know if I'm impressed or appalled. This isn't something I'd personally be comfortable doing, and I don't feel like the testers are intended to act as someone's personal makeup stash. But ultimately, the sales associates and managers typically don't mind when people take advantage of the testers as long as they're not doing anything blatantly disgusting with them. (Don't pee on the testers. Also, don't pee in the middle Sephora.)

Kendall Jenner's DIY zit-zapping recipe is probably going to piss you off

I would need to be an octopus — and that octopus would need hands — in order to count on my hands the number of times I've seen xoVain commenters lose their shit over the suggestion of using lemon or baking soda on one's skin. They are very unpopular DIY skincare ingredients around here due to increasingly prevailing wisdom that they can be damaging to your fragile face.

They also make up two out of three of the ingredients Kendall Jenner says she uses for her DIY zit remedy.

According to her app (and the people who were willing to pay to access her app and then repeat the information on the internet), Kendall apparently mixes lemon, baking soda and honey into a spot treatment that she keeps on for 10 minutes.

Vanessa Williams, on the other hand, still recommends a classic acne-fighting formula

Vanessa Williams has been open about her decades-long struggle with acne since she became a Proactiv spokesperson back in 2002, which was awesome because a) she was 39 at the time and pretty much no one was talking to adults about their zits, and b) it helped us as a nation realize that Vanessa Williams is human and not some perfect beauty android.

And now, 14 years later, Proactiv has announced that they're bringing Vanessa back to the brand, this time with her teenage daughter, Sasha Fox (whose name is maybe the best name). Just look at this adorable picture of Sasha pretending to be surprised that her mom's secret to clear skin is Proactiv!

You can now zoom in on Instagram photos and videos, so here are three beauty posts to start with

A new Instagram update allowing iPhone users to do the whole pinch-and-spread (ew) thing on photos and videos became available today. Sorry, Android users (like our very own social media editor, Caitlinwomp womp), you'll have to wait a little longer to look REALLY CLOSELY at Kim's sparkly eye makeup.

May I recommend a few things to zoom in on?

First, this guy's incredible Lisa Frank-inspired makeup:

Next, this Stranger Things lip art:

And finally, lipstick prints as art:

  • What types of Instagram posts will you be zooming in on the most?
  • Which acne treatment are you more likely to use: Proactiv or Kendall's DIY mix?
  • Have you ever done your makeup at Sephora with no intention to buy anything?