Virtually Try on Hundreds of Lipsticks to Determine Which One Looks Best with a Unicorn Horn Braid

Or, if you're Nicki Minaj, with your bowl cut.
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February 10, 2016
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I wish I could tell you what I see when I look up from my laptop right now, but it's a secret. You'll find out what this secret is on xoJane early next week, but for now, you'll just have to guess. I won't confirm or deny any guesses, of course, but hey, play 20 questions amongst yourselves. Knock yourselves out.

But before you do that, here's some beauty news to quench your insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Try on every lipstick at Sephora without ever getting out of bed (assuming you keep your phone next to your bed)

Have you ever wished you could just lock yourself in a Sephora overnight and just try on every. single. lipstick in the store? It's a lovely idea on the surface, but ugh — just think about how raw your lips would be after scrubbing off each shade.

Well, you can painlessly try on every lip color in the store now that the Sephora to Go app has introduced the Virtual Artist feature. It maps your lips in real time, showing you what you'd look like wearing any color. You can filter by brand, color category, and texture (lipstick vs. gloss), and you can even do a four-way comparison.

I especially like that you can literally shake your phone to get four surprise shades, which is what I did here:

And, of course, you can buy the colors you like with a couple quick clicks.

This could be dangerous.

This pop singer is your ungrudging makeup puppet thanks to Clinique

If you're not in the mood to model different lipstick looks yourself, why not have rising music star Zara Larsson do it for you?

Clinique just launched a fun interactive site in which Zara models four different looks — each centered around Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer shades — set to four different mixes of her song "Lush Life." What's especially cool about this is that you can change the version you're watching at any time, seamlessly. THE INTERNET IS MAGIC.

Also cool: you can "explore" each look by clicking through on the version you're watching and find out not only what Pop Lip Colour Zara is wearing, but other elements of the makeup.

Unicorn horn braids are the latest WTF hair "trend"

Have you ever heard the phrase "two is a coincidence, three makes a trend"? That must be the logic being used by people who are calling unicorn horn braids a trend, because I don't think more than three people have actually attempted this.

That said, it's getting some attention, which means more people are bound to try it/I'm going to assign a tutorial to one of my writers.

Seventeen reports: "Instead of dyeing their hair the colors of a unicorn," or in addition to dyeing their hair the colors of a unicorn, as shown above, "girls are braiding the front of their hair, so it sticks straight out, resembling a unicorn horn. The results are weirdly magical."

Not gonna lie: I don't hate it. I won't be trying it myself, but I don't hate it.

Before you get eyebrows tattooed onto your face, maybe give your natural brows a chance to grow back

I thought over-plucking one's brows as a teen was a mistake that died with my generation, but a 20-year-old English woman named Tyne did this as recently as five years ago. She was left practically browless from plucking enthusiasm, so when it seemed those brows weren't growing back, she got permanent makeup — aka tattoos — to fill in the blanks at the wee age of 15.

"When her natural brows grew back years later," the Daily Mail reports, "she discovered her tattoos where not quite in the right place, leaving her with an embarrassing double brow."

Here's a brief clip of her appearance on the UK show Bodyshockers:

Tyne says she's spent a lot of money on products trying to cover up the wonkiness, but now she's finally getting a laser treatment to fade the tattoos.

"If my eyebrows looked like that I would go into hibernation for the rest of my life," her friend Rhiannon said.Cool friend.

Anyway, here's Nicki Minaj with a bowl cut

  • Did you over-pluck your brows as a teen?
  • Have you ever had a bowl cut?
  • Do you think unicorn-horn braids could legitimately become a trend?
  • Post a foursome of lipsticks from the Sephora app!