Scroll Through This Weekend's Beauty News with Your T-Rex Selfie Hands

Fair warning, though: you will probably end up jealous of an infant if you read this.
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March 27, 2016
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Happy Easter, y'all! Easter is basically my favorite holiday of all time because it has the best candy and I love wearing pastels. When I was little, I used to get so excited for Easter because I'd get a pretty new dress, some shiny shoes, and a little Easter basket; Mom would wind my hair up on foam rollers the night before church so I had big, pretty ringlets the next day. Nowadays, I like drinking Bloody Marys and eating eggs with my friends. We usually do a big boozy brunch on Easter.

Also, in the spirit of Easter, here's makeup artist Tim O creating a Cadbury Egg-inspired look. While I find Caramel Cadbury Eggs far inferior to the classic original, I'm still in favor of this because Cadbury Eggs are my favorite candy.

Dudes play The Price is Right with makeup... poorly

Marci said ​Tynan would kill these guys in what she called "Makeup Price Jeopardy," and she's right. Buzzfeed had some dudes sit down and guess how much popular makeup products cost, and it's pretty funny.

I like that they think NARS sounds like your stoner friend who had a fake ID and bought everyone alcohol. Also, dude, it doesn't cost $3. How could you ever hold that in your hand and think it costs $3?

Usually when media outlets post these "guys do makeup" things, they're a little condescending, but this one is just amusing. Of a certain fancy French primer, one of the dudes exclaims, "Three of these is an X-Box!"

Now, go forth and quiz the men in your life on the cost of your beauty products. Bonus points if you get a skinny microphone like Bob Barker.

Morgan is a miracle worker

(I mean, it is Easter. We have to get a miracle in here somewhere.)

Remember how Morgan tried out that ​deep-freeze flat iron thing and was pretty "meh" about the results? Well, she gave the gadget to one of her friends with far frizzier hair and look what happened! The results are totally like an infomercial before-and-after!

Baby with George Stephanopoulos hair becomes a viral sensation

This baby girl's hair looks like Guy Smiley's, the Muppet gameshow guy. Trump has got to be envious.

Baby Isabelle went viral after her mom posted a selfie of the two of them and a cousin shared the pic to Reddit because they couldn't get over how thick and full of body the two-month-old infant's hair looked. As virality tends to do, people kept on sharin' and here we are. Isabelle is now a Reddit sensation, which is more than most of us can say.

I mean, look at that coif! Apparently, Isabelle's parents don't even style it!

Men "take over" the beauty world, supposedly

I'm not so sure I can agree that men are "taking over" the beauty world, as this Broadly article states. It's more like there are now some very popular YouTube stars who are men who wear makeup. That I do buy that, as I seem to hear the words "Jeffree Starr" at least once a day.

One of the most-mentioned trends in the piece is what we call "Instagram makeup." You know what I'm talking about when you hear the phrase. I don't even need to describe it. Instagram makeup has definitely had an impact on how both women and men express themselves via beauty products; that stereotypical style with the airbrushed face, the ombre brows and the insane eyeliner techniques does seem to have its roots in the intricate art of drag makeup. The Kardashian makeup artists, who definitely have their fingers in this trend, even admitted to using drag techniques on the girls.

Makeup artist Wayne Goss isn't a fan of the contour craze, though. He thinks that all this contouring and sculpting is making women look "masculine."

However, Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen (AKA Miss Fame of RuPaul's Drag Race) disagrees with Wayne.

"I do see a lot of girls doing drag makeup. I know a lot of YouTubers doing extreme makeup. It looks really beautiful, but it is very heavy-handed," he told Broadly. "It's not that they need that much makeup, but it's the fact that makeup is transformative. There's a power in makeup."

Do you T. Rex your selfies?

Apparently all the celebs are doing something called​ "T. Rex hands" in their selfies. I think this is a major stretch. Sometimes you just wanna take a selfie that shows off your pretty nails or jewelry.

Beauty enthusiast Huda Kattan came up with the pose, which requires selfie-takers to include their hands but to curl them just so as to resemble a prehistoric dinosaur. Check it out:

I guess I'm doing T. Rex hands in this pic:


  • What's your favorite Easter candy?
  • Does that baby's hair make you jealous or uncomfortable?
  • Isn't Morgan's friend's hair amazing? I kinda like it all frizzy, too.