I'm Embarking on a Self-Portrait Challenge, Plus COTW!

What better way to get to know your face than drawing it?
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June 18, 2016
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I was really inspired by Kim's undertones article this week — specifically, the part about self portraits. I realized that I haven't done a self-portrait since high school, which is a shame.

I dug up these two old self-portraits from when I was probably 16 or 17.

I've changed a lot since high school, both in terms of my appearance and my artistic ability. (Sadly, I've gotten pretty rusty due to lack of practice.) I was excited to try my hand at a current self-portrait, and although I struggled a little bit with not making myself look like a boy now that I have short hair, I'm really glad I tried it.

Really focusing on my face for an hour made me notice things that I haven't before, such as the shape of my jaw and the sharpness of my cupid's bow. I realized that taking the time to analyze each aspect of my face will only help me when it comes to figuring out how best to apply my makeup. I think it might be fun to do a self-portrait every day (or at least every week) for a month, sometimes in black and white, sometimes with color, sometimes with makeup and sometimes without. By the end of it, not only will my drawing hopefully improve but maybe I'll also finally figure out things like what my face shape is and what color undertone I have.

You're more than welcome to join my little challenge and share your results if you want — even if you can only draw stick figures, like my mom, everyone can benefit from this exercise. The point is to really look at your face in a new way.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. I like the way "OhHoneyNo" approaches packing beauty products:

I would, honestly, just take less clothes and pretend I was doing some Scandinavian-chic capsule wardrobe to free up more space. When I go away, a good quarter of my suitcase is filled with toiletries and make up lol. Just pack a little bottle of laundry liquid and wash your smaller clothes in the sink! Then you can repeat outfits in an emergency and still have makeup. Problem solved.

2. "thatquietgirl" explained the reality of depression perfectly:

I live in a "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" kind of environment, and I've found the best way to explain depression to people is to tell them I was born without bootstraps.

3. I have to say I agree with "heylookitsang" when it comes to drugstore mascara:

My go-to mascara is always Maybelline Full n' Soft. I love a wet, slippery formula that I can build slowly, and I like the traditional bristle wand (I hate those molded silicone ones, they hate my lashes for some reason). Honestly, I've tried a bunch of expensive mascara brands and none of them seemed to be much different than drugstore brands in terms of lengthening, thickening, and staying power. Maybe I've just tried the wrong ones.

4. "Lindsay" blew my mind with this eyelash curler PSA:

PSA: The Japonesque power lash curler (my HG) comes with a lifetime resupply of free pads. You just email them and they send a couple to you!

5. We would all do well to remember this self-care advice from "kdandketchup":

Remember that sometimes the best self care is saying no to things, and not demanding too much from your energy levels. You wouldn't expect your car to run on an empty tank, so don't expect that from yourself.

  • Do you think drawing self-portraits can help with doing your makeup, choosing a hairstyle, etc.?
  • Will you be giving it a try? Post pics if you do!