Rumer Has It — And by "It" I Mean a Beef with Vanity Fair about Photoshopping Her Chin

Meanwhile, Jenna Dewan Tatum has an in-house pedicurist named Channing.

Happy Mother's Day! How are you celebrating today? (If at all.) I'm home at my childhood farm with my brother doin' mom stuff, like going through all my mom's beauty products and yelling at her for not using them. I gave her a fancy candle a few years ago for Christmas and she still hasn't used it! She's saving it "for special."

So because some of you might be brunching with mom or planting flowers, looking through your scrapbooks or just spending time with Mom or the mother figures in your life, I'll keep this weekend's beauty news short and sweet.

It wasn't even Mother's Day yet when Channing Tatum gave his wife, Jenna, a pedicure

Channing Tatum is basically the best husband ever. I bet his wife Jenna is getting pampered AF this weekend. She Snapchatted her hot husband giving her a hot pink pedicure earlier this week, and Channing's not afraid to get down and dirty, either. He even removes Jenna's old polish and spends a few minutes blowing on her freshly-painted toes so she doesn't smudge them.

Personally, I probably wouldn't let a dude paint my toenails considering I'm not even that great at it — even after nearly 22 years of painted toes — but this is pretty adorable.

He's probably giving her a serious massage right now. Can Channing Tatum be our husband, too?

Grace Coddington finally gets a Top Shelf

Given that Into the Gloss has ties to Vogue, it's kind of funny that its second most recognizable figurehead, Grace Coddington, hasn't been featured in the beloved Top Shelf series yet. Everyone wants to get their hands on the magical, charismatic Grace and steal all her secrets. She's just so darn cool! Grace has a perfume out now, so that's probably partially why she's spilling her guts to ITG, but she's also recently gone freelance. Can you imagine being like, "Oh, I think I'm done with Vogue now. I'll just leave this legendary magazine and do my own thing."

In her interview, Grace talks about her skincare routine — she has rosacea and didn't do anything to her skin until a few years ago — and that iconic frizzy red hair. Did you know Grace has a big scar that she covers with makeup every day? She had a skin graft after a car accident when she was 20.

"The best thing is just to put a lot of foundation on the other eye because the skin around your eyes — or around mine anyway — tends to be dark," she says.

Grace's interview is pretty thorough, though if you've read her book, you might know some of her secrets already.

Prince's longtime hairstylist honors her friend

Since I live in Minneapolis, we're still seriously mourning the loss of our musical hero, Prince. I wish I could explain how the city feels. It's this weird mixture of melancholy and celebratory, and it's probably going to feel that way for a long, long time.

The Prince tributes are still rolling in in spades, from stories by his personal chefs to this sweet little piece by his longtime hairstylist, Kim Berry. She worked with Prince for 28 years, which is a hell of a long time, especially when the artist you're working with keeps such eccentric hours and has such a particular vision.

My favorite Kim story is that when she applied for the job, Prince hired her right away, but with one caveat: she had to get rid of her long acrylic nails. Kim was like, I better not waste this amazing opportunity! So she just popped them all off right there and Prince laughed.

She also reveals that she and Prince were working on a product line, which she may or may not still release. I'm sure the packaging would be purple.

Rumer Willis gets some unwanted Photoshop treatment

Rumer Willis is pissed. She's pretty sure Vanity Fair Photoshopped her chin to appear smaller in a recent photoshoot of the Willis sisters, and she's not backing down. "I love the way I look and I won't support anyone who would feel the need to change [it]," she wrote in her Instagram post. "Whether or not they realize it, it is a form of bullying, which I won't stand for."

Rue has been pretty public about her body image issues and once admitted that she considered getting plastic surgery to correct what the media considered her "flaws," including her prominent chin. She's made peace with her looks now and is happy with the face she sees in the mirror.

The VF photographers responded to her claims, telling The Cut: "The retouching that was done to the photograph was only done to resolve some distortion with using a wide angle lens for a group shot, and not to alter or modify anyone's face. We used a wide-angle lens, and it might've made Rumer's chin look smaller from the higher angle that we shot the image."

Hmm ... we might need to get the Scooby gang on this one.

Oh, and one last thing...

A certain mall store is bringing back our beloved junior high aromas. Get excited to mist yourself in shrieky, one-dimensional scents just like you did in 2001!

  • Have you ever gotten a pedicure from your SO?
  • Did you read Grace Coddington's memoir? It's so good, right?
  • What was your middle school fragrance of choice? Mine was Clinique Happy for a while, and it smells like dreck to me now.