Jennifer Lawrence and Ruby Rose Are Using The Power of Their Faces for Evil (AKA Making You Spend All Your Money on Makeup)

Also in this week's beauty news: an impressive swatch project, dude hair, AND A PUPPY.
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March 2, 2016
Jennifer Lawrence, Ruby Rose

Happy Day After xoVain's Third Birthday, you guys! We're three, flirty and thriving! (Oh, wait — Wendy already made that reference today.)

Yesterday, Caitlin, Amber and I treated ourselves to cupcakes from Sprinkles, conveniently and infuriatingly located in our building. We overheard a major jerkwad brusquely trying to order literally all of the cupcake flavors that are clearly stated as not available on Tuesdays and then get unreasonably mad at the composed and polite cashier for said clearly stated unavailability. Quite frankly, I hope he was trying to purchase cupcakes for his own birthday and ended up having a crappy one. Be nice to people in service jobs!

Speaking of birthdays, the subject of today's first beauty news item will be celebrating her 29th in less than three weeks.

Ruby Rose is the equal parts gorgeous and badass new face of Urban Decay

Ruby Rose is nice to look at. Have you noticed? Rull purty. The Orange is the New Black star is also edgy, which is a word I apologize for using but I haven't yet thought of a less annoying synonym to convey what I'm trying to say. You know what I mean.

That combination of pretty and edgy — predgy? — makes her a perfect pick for an Urban Decay celebrity spokesperson, or, as Urban Decay is calling her, their "Most Addictive New Vice." I have no idea what that means, and the brand hasn't really made an attempt to explain that role, other than that she will "keep on rocking [Urban Decay’s] world and spreading the gospel of [its] self-expression, addiction to color, and ‘beauty with an edge,'" according to People StyleWatch. K.

I'm hoping this means that she'll be collaborating with UD to come out with palettes and stuff, like Gwen Stefani did, but as of right now, just the partnership has been announced — no specific plans for products.

We get it, Dior — Jennifer Lawrence looks really good in that one lip color

Speaking of faces of beauty brands, Jennifer Lawrence has been teamed up with Dior for a while, but they just launched a lovely campaign for the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss line. Then again, maybe it's a campaign for just the raspberry shade UltraDior 765, because that's the only color they're showing her wearing in their Instagram previews.

I mean, J-Law looks awesome in it, but I, personally, would love to see a few more colors on the Oscar winner/loser.

In the meantime, here are almost 100 other lip color swatches

Two questions: How many lipsticks do you have? And how much time do you have?

One internet hero that goes by the username "itselyse" would answer those with "97, and a lot," as proven by her recent Imgur/Reddit post in which she photographed each and every color in her collection on her enviable lips. She provided a handy numeric list of each product, and even said which nine she's tossing and why, including, to many xoVainers' dismay, Revlon Matte Balm in Shameless. GIRL, NO. KEEP IT.

It's a truly admirable feat — one that she says has left her lips stained — and probably truly helpful to a lot of shoppers.

My favorite headline so far this year, from the Wall Street Journal: "Young Men Are Obsessed With Their Hair"

I know what boys like; I know what guys want; I know what boys like, boys like, boys like GEL.

But seriously, the Wall Street Journal couldn't help but notice that men's haircare products are the fastest-growing sector in men's personal care — no thanks to my handsomely bald S.O. — while other areas of the category are slowing in sales. It jumped 6% just last year, even though no one has quite figured out how to market hair products to dudes.

WSJ reports that "speaking to men about hair styling is tricky, product makers say. Guys don’t want a routine that takes too much time, and they don’t want to look like they tried too hard. If a man applies the product incorrectly, he is more apt to blame the product or the haircut than himself."


A puppy got braces. That is all.

I know most humans think of braces as a cosmetic treatment first and a health apparatus second. However, for six-month-old Wesley, a golden retriever, braces were needed to help correct a bite that wouldn't completely close, preventing him from eating and chewing toys properly.


  • Did you wear braces as a pup? (I did, from 9 to 12. Big ol' gap between my front teeth.)
  • What kind of products do you hope Urban Decay and Ruby Rose come up with?
  • Have you ever considered keeping a database of swatches of your makeup collection?