Hi, Rosario Dawson! Let's Talk About Why You're So Pretty

Even beautiful famous people think they can't pull off certain looks.
Publish date:
November 17, 2015
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Here at xoVain, we like to take entirely non-beauty-related stuff and spin it in such a way that you beauty fanatics might actually give a hoot. So, for example, when we had the opportunity to chat with Rosario Dawson at a Courvoisier event last week, we didn't really chat too much about the spotlighted cocktails.

Not that you and I aren't interested in Courvoisier. It holds a special place in my heart as the first thing that ever got me drunk in public (Fashion Week 2003 was a crazy time in my life), and the cocktail they're calling "The Exceptional Taste" (Courvoisier VSOP, sherry, sour cherry bitters) is the stuff dreams are made of. However, when you (and by "you," in this instance, I mean a hypothetical representative of an online beauty publication) get to talk to a celebrity as gorgeous as Rosario, you don't not ask about her beauty routine.

I mean, duh. C'mon.

Here's what she told us, including some very surprising self-imposed makeup limitations and her late grandmother's secret to looking much younger than she was.

XOVAIN: Do you have a favorite red lip color?

ROSARIO DAWSON: I don't. I love red lips, but I only ever wear it when some professional is doing it. Because these—these lips with red? It’s not a good look. I’m not one of those people—I could never just, like, put on red lipstick and look classy.

So what’s your go-to shade right now?

My go-to always is probably like a smoky eye or a black eye or something.

So, nude lips?

Yeah. Or I always wear, like, no lipstick usually.

So, let’s talk about your skincare regimen, because you have beautiful skin. What do you do?

I always drink a lot of water. I always mist—I use different misters. I think it’s really important. I take that on the plane, so that’s a really great way to kind of keep hydrating your face without feeling like you’re putting lotion on and [more] lotion on. You don't want to keep touching your face anyway, because you’re on the plane and it’s disgusting.


It’s a really great way to also just have the moisture for your nose and your whole nasal area. Because you’re just... everything about flying is just so hard. And I fly a lot. And that’s the killer. So, sleep and lots of water. A good serum [too]—a good face serum is always important.

Have you inherited any beauty secrets from your family?

Oh. My grandmother put on—what do you call it?—the jelly. Petroleum jelly, every day. And she died just before her 76th birthday, and people would think she was maybe 60.

So, petroleum jelly?

It’s great to take off makeup. If you’re gonna put that on your face before you go to bed at night, like, your skin’s never gonna crack. That’s the key to "beige don't age."

  • What beauty question would you want to ask Rosario Dawson?
  • Would you ever go to bed wearing petroleum jelly all over your face?
  • Are you one of these "I can't wear red lipstick" people? Whyyyyyy?