Ronda Rousey Kicks Ass While Flipping Hair and Chris Pratt Shares His Foundation Technique

The maze was not made for you, Taylor (or was it?)
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December 14, 2016
Taylor Swift, beauty news, pantene, Ronda Rousey, Stranger Things, Chris Pratt

You ever aimlessly browse the internet when you're supposed to be working? Lol of course you do! You're probably doing it right now!

I am, but that is actually part of my job description so I'm very at odds right now as to which corporate authoritative power I should be rebelling against. While I put a pin in that, let me bug you with links to further distract you from that thing you were supposed to be doing.

Most-wanted beauty gifts by state

It's America, the beauty-full! No, but actually, this is apparently a breakdown of most popular beauty brands by state, according to Influenster. They interviewed "over 4000 women" (which makes me think it was somewhere between 4000-4500... which isn't a whole lot of women), primarily 18-34, so it's a rather narrow perspective.

So you can pretty much take that chart with a grain of salt, but you can infer that people really like Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills. News!

Ronda Rousey is Pantene's Newest Spokesperson

Ronda Rousey is a MMA fighter. She's really good at it — better than me at knowing things about MMA. Now she is also the face of a new Pantene campaign, proclaiming, "Don't hate me because I'm strong," which, okay, may be a bit corny but the idea of Ronda kicking ass and flipping hair excites me so I do not mind it at all.

Watch her ad spot and tell me you don't get amped up from the Rocky-esque montage of "Again! Again! Again!"

Season 2 of Stranger Things will have more wigs, according to the show's lead hair stylist

Personally, I was hoping that Stranger Things would be kind of like American Horror Story in the sense that every new season was a whole new plot and set of characters, but whatever — the 80s thing is kind of its cornerstone so I get it.

Refinery29 interviewed the show's lead hairstylist who shared some insight as to why Eleven had such a fancy lace-front wig, putting tiny extensions in Charlie Heaton's (the dude who plays Jonathan) hair because he accidentally burnt it off, and other interesting hair stories, with some vague implications to an even more 80s-looking season two.

Chris Pratt and I apply foundation the same way apparently

Just boop it on! I do not have a professional boop-holder as I am not a professional makeup-wearer (or am I?) but I use my own hand and boop my face against it as it holds some sort of makeup sponge. But instead of top 40 pop hits, I just use my mouth-voice to make a "boop!" sound with each boop. Boop.

Taylor Swift looks slightly different as time passes


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Okay, this is more of a question, so feel free to explain it to me because I have literally no idea — but why is every content site talking about Taylor Swift's style/haircut/beauty evolution?

I have little to no opinions about Taylor Swift unless you want to discuss whether she's actually the first successful Westworld-type bot whose purpose is to... make music to sell things to? The first content-generating bot?

Come to think of it, she does not appear to have aged much in all these galleries... maybe they're just adding more dramatic makeup to create the facade of aging... I could go deep on this conspiracy theory but then I realize that she had a birthday recently and everyone just had the novel idea to do a time round-up. Great, glad we solved that one.

  • How do we feel about this Taylor Swift bot theory?
  • Have you ever beat someone up and then hair-flipped about it?
  • How do you boop?