OPEN THREAD: Whose Beauty Style Would You Photoshop Yourself Into?

Publish date:
September 11, 2015
Rihanna, open thread, photoshop, inspiration, Samantha Ravndahl

Yesterday, xoVain contributors of now and yore were mingling on Facebook, as we often do, when Allegra shared a photo she saw on Instagram and exclaimed, "I WANT THIS HAIR!"

It appears to be a picture of Rihanna with a long, messy, silvery-gray ponytail.

"DO IT," Trista urged. And we all echoed the support and fawned over Rihanna's new look, except for Lauren, who was like, "WHERE'S THE ALBUM THO RIH."

And then, newest newcomer Allison made a top-notch observation: "I don't think that's her hair," she stated in one comment, and then she returned with a second comment: "It's a youtuber/blogger(?) hair on Rihanna's head," and she shared this Instagram find.

What Allison originally suspected—that someone Photoshopped a blogger's hair onto Rihanna's head—was actually even more in-depth photo manipulation. Someone Photoshopped Rihanna's face onto Internet Pretty Person Samantha Ravndahl's everything else—the hair, the turquoise nails, the studded leather jacket. The artist simply (but very adeptly) brought over RiRi's face and tattoo and darkened Samantha's skin a bit.

I have to admit, I was super-impressed with Allison's eagle eye.

"Not gonna lie: I was killer at those spot-the-difference pictures as a kid," she said.

But I'm also impressed that someone turned the tables on the usual beauty inspiration. Whereas Rihanna's hair and body has been regularly yoinked for Photoshopping purposes, it's interesting to see someone plop such a huge beauty influencer into the beauty style of someone less famous. (Though Samantha is definitely Instagram-famous, with over a million followers.)

I traced the Rihanna/Samantha amalgamation to Brazilian Instagram user Atila Britto, and from what I can tell, putting Rihanna's face onto other people's bodies is kind of his thing.

And this is Rihanna's face on Iman's body:

This is her face embedded onto model Chontelle Berryman:

And this is... well...


Creepy. But creative.

So it got me thinking: If you could just Photoshop your face into someone else's hair or onto someone else's head-to-toe beauty style, whose would you pick?

Tell me that, as well as:

  • If you're paying attention to Fashion Week beauty so far
  • How your Labor Day weekend went
  • Your social security number (JK!)