A Friendly Weekend Reminder to Clean Your Brushes, Plus COTW!

We could all use this reminder every once in a while.
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March 5, 2016
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I realized the other day that it had been a couple of weeks since I last washed my brushes.


I immediately whisked them into the bathroom and gave them all a good scrubbing with warm water and cleanser. Yes, all of them — even the ones that I haven't used since the last time I cleaned my brushes. You would not believe the amount of hair that Doug manages to get everywhere.

I usually just use whatever I have on hand: baby shampoo, facial cleansers (I rarely use them anymore since I've switched to micellar water), or shampoo made specifically for makeup brushes.

Anyway, consider this your friendly reminder to wash your brushes too if it's been a while. Wouldn't it be great if I just did this every Saturday for COTW? Everyone would remember to wash their brushes, and I wouldn't have to think of something else to talk about. Oh alright, I promise I won't be that lazy — mainly because you deserve a little effort from me because you have been knocking it out of the park with funny, insightful, and helpful comments lately.

Speaking of...

It's time for the best Comments of the Week!

1. If you're into perfumes for book lovers, you might want to try what "Kim J" did:

I tried using the Me Fragrance website where you can design your own perfumes, and created something I call Smokey Library. It includes rosewood, amber, birch tar, coffee, leather and a touch of fig to round it out. I hope it's not terrible! I also made a Chocolate Bar blend, and another with a cilantro, fern, gardenia and tangerine. I am so hopeful they will be good. *fingers crossed*

2. The way that "theprettiestkatie" does product mixing speaks to my lazy-girl heart:

I just did this. Well, not as scientifically. I just poured a bunch of stuff in my hand, smushed it together, and rubbed it on my face. Because alcohol + old = ohjesushowfastcanigetintobed. Still double cleansed though. I'm not a monster. #drunkvaining

3. I loved everyone's stories about their sisters and their makeup, such as this one from "Heina Dadabhoy":

My sister recently got married and she let me do her eyebrows. I almost choked up when she asked me to. We had our issues as teens and I was always the dumpy frumpy sister, so having her trust in me meant so much -- especially since her eyebrow lady made them too thin. I built them up and she looked fab <3

4. Unrelated to Tamara's excellent article about shimmery blush, "Madeline" asks the question that none of us will ever have the answer to:

When am I, an adult woman, going to stop laughing at Urban Decay Ladyflower?

5. We all do weird/embarrassing things in the shower from time to time, and "Beckyshak" made me laugh with hers:

My partner used to like to come into the bathroom and say hi to me in the shower... Until he saw me multitasking and doing my mustache bleach in the shower LOL

6. And finally, shout-out to "Luna" for this sweet birthday wish for xoVain:

Happy happy birthday, XOVain! Thanks for being such a wonderfully weird, perfectly unique place on the intertubes - without you, I would never have gotten into makeup in the first place (shoutout to Alle's Arwen tutorial way back when), and I would never have known that the beauty/skincare/fragrance/dogs with braces world was such a lovely, welcoming place! Srsly, checking what's new with y'all is one of the high points of my day, and you've given me the ammo necessary to deflate more than one "makeup is only for shallow sluts" person (which, in the first place, ugh). Also: PUPPY BRACES SMILE. He looks so happy!

  • How often do you wash your brushes?
  • What do you use for washing them?