Beauty Roundup: This Projection Mapping Makeup Video Will Blow Your Mind

With the help of technology, you can turn your face into just about anything.

• If you thought turning your face into a work of art required good products and even better technique, wait until you see how a Tokyo-based producer used CGI to change a woman's face into amazing looks, from the Terminator-esque to the Bjork-ian. [CNet]

• Many people look at me crazy when I say I love the dryness of matte lipstick and how even after it fades off, I think it still looks cool on my lips. Luckily for me (and anyone else out there who isn't concerned about looking perfect), this undone thing is indeed becoming “a thing.” [T Magazine]

• Sleigh Bells' music may not be your jam, but you can't deny that front-woman Alexis Krauss has serious eyeliner skills. On top of that, she's a fellow beauty obsessive, and her new website, Beauty Lies Truth, wants to give us the lowdown on exactly what is in the stuff we're putting our face. [MTV]

• I mean coffee scrubs are nice and all, but maybe you'd like to get fancy and slather your face in caviar? Or better yet, why don’t you just let the equivalent of a snail crawling all over your face help improve your skin tone? If this is your thing, check out the other unusual ingredients making some noise in skin care, such as salmon-hatchery water (who knew that existed?), mink oil, and bee venom. [BellaSugar]

• My homegirl Lena Dunham (yes, she’s my friend in my head) just hopped on the platinum bandwagon. But I’m not sure I’m feeling this look. There’s something about the bowl cut that’s giving me five-year-old boy. I still love you, Lena! [W]

• A toothbrush spritzed with some hairspray is great for taming flyaways, but I would have never thought to use one as an exfoliator to help remove ingrown hairs. Here are a number of other ways the humble toothbrush can help solve some simple beauty woes. [Byrdie]

• Say what you want about Kate Hudson, but when have you ever seen her beauty not come correct? She shared her beauty bag must-haves, which ranged from low (Egyptian Magic skin cream) to high (Tom Ford men’s fragrance). []

• And let's end on a really positive note: Mark Bustos, a hairstylist here in NYC, spends Sunday, his day off, cutting hair for the homeless. "Every human life is worth the same," says Bustos. You can follow his good work on Instagram. [HuffPost].