This Has to Be The Prettiest Gift Box Ever

These make amazing gifts for beauty lovers (and others!) and they can be customized, too.
Publish date:
August 4, 2016
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My aunt has a tendency to buy gifts for people outside of any occasion. She calls these non-birthday, non-holiday, non-event tokens "love gifts," and they're given simply because you love someone and want to make that person feel... well, loved. I've received numerous love gifts from her over the years, and as I've grown older, I've discovered the joy in giving others these surprise gifts as well.

In any case, I recently discovered Present Day's customizable gift boxes — which are too pretty for my life — and I adore them so much that I want to love-gift them to everyone I've ever met.

The boxes are made by Canada-based Sophia Pierro, who interestingly used to work as a TV set director. She explains how she would come across lots of unique finds and high-quality handcrafted goods while building and customizing those sets. That love of thoughtfully piecing items together to create something cohesive is the same love that drives her to make these curated boxes.

I was actually able to speak to Sophia, who created this customized box just for me, and she is seriously the loveliest of humans. I mean, what else would you expect from someone who puts so much effort and care into gift giving?

The website has oodles of pre-made boxes to choose from, and they're fit for occasion-driven gift giving or "love gift" giving. For example, there are culinary boxes for foodies, "gent" boxes with items tailored to men, corporate-appropriate gift boxes, a box filled with only rose-infused items, new-baby boxes, housewarming gift boxes, wedding gift boxes and lots more.

Note that the prices are Canadian, so they look a bit more expensive than they actually are if you're using American dollars. With that said, they're not cheap, but you are definitely getting high-quality items inside every box. Prices start at about $40 (e.g. culinary box, coffee lover box) and top out at $115 (e.g. barkeep box, sweet indulgence box for mom). And if you're wondering, yes, they ship within Canada and to the US.

Each of the pre-made boxes are are also customizable. You can also have a box created from scratch by contacting Present Day, which is what Sophia did for me. Let's dive into the contents!

Dillon's cranberry bitters is one of my favorite items in the box, and I cannot wait to incorporate it into some cocktails. I already have a growing selection of bitters in my home bar, so this was fun to receive.

I also received this "Dream Bar" soap by Hornby Island Soap, which I've since unwrapped and placed on my kitchen sink. It feels rich and luxurious and smells like creamy almonds.

This soy candle is made by Toronto-based Kerry Lee specifically for Present Day. I love that Sophia works with and supports smaller companies. As for the candle, it smells amazing — clean, fresh, and warm.

I'm a sucker for anything with roses, so I obviously am obsessed with this Vo Bath & Co Rose Body Oil. It smells like roses dusted with warm sugar and spritzed with vanilla, and there are bits of dried roses in the bottle. You can spray it in the shower or tub before washing for an aromatic boost, or you can apply it directly to your skin (which is what I've been doing).

I am 100% in love with these greeting cards made by Xenia Taler, who I'd never heard of before. They come in a pack of eight and are blank. I went to visit Xenia's website to see what else she had to offer. Everything is amazing.

Also included in my customized box was this Pucker Up Citrus Lip Scrub made by Etsy seller Perk Naturals. It's obviously a gorgeous tin, but it's also a lovely product.

All of Present Day's gift boxes include a dried flower bouquet, which I think is such a sweet and thoughtful touch.

That's everything that was included in my box. I know I'll use everything I received, which isn't always the case with boxes like this, and I'm really excited to do some gift giving, myself.

  • What do you think of the boxes?
  • Is there any item in my box that you'd want to try?
  • Do you ever give people gifts just because?