This Week's Beauty News Features Magic Wands, Body Lotion, and Slime

Whoa, get your mind out of the gutter, perv-o.
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September 21, 2016
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I typically lead off these weekly digests with what I feel is the most significant piece of beauty news, so here goes: Caitlin has decided to get bangs.

Since yesterday, she's been talking about how she's been considering bangs — how this is the first time in a while she's had a bare forehead — but when, this morning, she showed me what she wants her next hair color to be, I assumed she'd shied away from the bangs and moved on to other pressing hair topics. But then, as we were visiting the office kitchen just now, she firmly announced that she will, in fact, be getting bangs.

I'm proud of her. I think we're all proud of her.

As for her next hair color — well, it's too epic to disclose before she goes through with it. I will say, it's not blonde. Which is too bad, because I'd love for someone on the XO team to test out the subject of the actual first item of this week's beauty news.

Pravana has created an actual magic wand — for hair color

As anyone who's gone from dark to blonde hair can tell you, it's a very long process. It took Sable nine hours to lift her natural color to platinum for the first time. It's about time someone found a way to speed things up, and Pravana has done exactly that with the Blonde Wand.

It lightens seven levels in seconds?! WITCHCRAFT!

And what's even crazier than how fast it works is how it's not more damaging than traditional lightening methods. In fact, the combination of Pravana's coconut-oil-infused lightening cream and the wand's plates not directly touching the hair — instead touching the foil it's covered in — means it can actually leave your hair in better condition.

I might have to try this myself after I piece my head back together, because my brain just exploded.

Speaking of magic wands...

There are a lot of makeup brushes out there. You could argue that some are better than others because of their quality or how long they last or how versatile they are. Or you could argue that these are the best because they are basically unicorns in makeup-brush form.

The handles that look like unicorn horns! The rainbow hair that looks like a unicorn mane! It would be tempting just to display these in a glass vase and not actually, you know, use them.

They were created by UK brand Unicorn Lashes, and they've started taking pre-orders for the approximately $60 set. (Does anyone know when Alyssa's birthday is?)

Old Navy now makes body lotion, presumably to help your jeans slide on more easily

I already have a hard time not picking up Sour Punch Straws while I'm waiting in line at Old Navy (why are you even there, Sour Punch Straws?!), and now impulse purchases are getting even harder to resist at the register with the introduction of Old Navy's own line of beauty products.

Called Kindred Goods (I have no idea why, but then again, I have no idea why the store itself is called Old Navy), the label will include Eau de Parfum, Hair & Body Mist, Foaming Body Scrub, Hand Cream, and Body Lotion in three scent varieties: Orange Blossom & Tea (seen above), Sea Salt & Fig, and Sweet Cream & Honey.

About 600 stores just got them in stock, and nothing is more than $12.

Drew Barrymore apparently doesn't read xoVain

Just when you think celebrities have the inside scoop on the latest beauty trends, Drew Barrymore posts an adorably clueless photo to Instagram showing her discovering a snail-based beauty product for the first time.

Don't look so sad, Drew. The snail mucus is collected from the trails they leave, so no little slimeballs are harmed in the making of these skincare products.

  • Have you used any snail formulas?
  • Plan on trying any Old Navy body products?
  • Caitlin thinks "Blonde Wand" sounds like a nickname for a penis. Agree or disagree?