What Beauty Products Would You Buy If You Won the Powerball Jackpot?

It’s kind of like asking what's the one product you'd bring if you were stranded on a desert island, except now you can buy the island and bring anything you want.

I went to Vegas for the first time ever over New Year’s. First time in Vegas, first time in a casino, and then first time feeling the highs and lows of winning and losing while gambling.

Each time I pushed the flashy slot machine button and there weren’t any bells and whistles and “cha-chings!” my face would drop, shoulders hunched, and I felt very disappointed in my abilities to push buttons in a winning fashion. I would side-eye my index finger for being bad at its one job while I mumbled, “I hate losing.”

My friend would just reply, “Welcome to Vegas.”

Since that wild weekend where I celebrated 2016 and grieved the loss of my savings, I have resolved two things:

  1. I don’t need to gamble.
  2. I need some more self-care in my life; Vegas livin’ will suck your wallet and your body dry.

Then, one week later, I learned the Powerball jackpot is over 1.5 billion dollars and you guys, I ain’t no dummy. I’m gonna play. How could I not? So, sure, I’ll be slightly not following my first resolution, but if I do win, I can participate in a lifetime of self-care methods and thereby justify it all, right? Bargaining with yourself is a hell of a thing.

I also asked the other xoVain writers what beauty products and treatments they would buy if they won Powerball and became one of the nation’s elite one percenters. It’s kind of like asking what is the one product you would bring if you were stranded on a desert island, except now you can buy the island and bring anything you want.

Kara: Lip injections and a Brazilian butt lift. I would literally just go HAM on the plastic surgery.

Danielle: An amethyst and jade sauna. Apparently lounging around cracked-open geodes heated to a few degrees above body temp will OPEN YOUR MIND and pores. I’ll just buy a whole city block and turn it into a steampunk alt-future commune for suffragettes who are beauty enthusiasts.

Maura: All Paula’s Choice skincare because everyone keeps recommending it to me, and there’s no way I can afford that, ever.

Colleen: I would buy everything from the Sunday Riley line. I’d finally buy a few super-swanky niche perfumes. (Luckyscent would have to shut it down for me. Isabey Gardenia and Cardinal by HEELEY would be bought first). I’d definitely get La Mer Body Cream. I’d bathe in La Mer. Going forward, I’d be just glistening in the light wearing so much godforsaken La Mer. And I’d definitely get my mole sliced off.

Allison: Literally all the nice bath and skincare stuff on the face of the planet. And an apartment with a nice bathtub/vanity situation to enjoy it all in. I would want to have the dewy perfect skin of a billionaire baby.

Marci: I would definitely try going platinum blonde because I could afford the near-constant upkeep. And I'd get my own batting cages! I know that's not a beauty purchase, per se, but it's the only exercise I like doing, so it's technically a fitness investment.

Victoria: I would re-do my bathroom (first step of any quality operation is a proper workspace) and then commission all the companies that make the stuff I use to make it in larger containers.

Samantha: Does LASIK count? And also a boob reduction/lift and a nose job.

Beth: Weekly blowouts and all the perfume.

Kat: I would dye my hair an amazing color, because I wouldn’t need a job and it wouldn’t matter if people thought I was “professional” or not.

Lisa: I would buy a house with an extra-glam room. I’d totally pimp it out with a vintage-style vanity, great lighting, and construct it so it would be super-organized. My biggest issue now is that NYC living as a non-rich person doesn’t allow for the kind of organization I actually need for all my products.

Lauren: My own company! There will be foundations for everyone and the most saturated lip and eye colors ever.

Tamara: I’m with Lisa on the pimped-out beauty set up, and then I think I’d actually just develop my own line of makeup that had more variations/options for women of color because we get little love. Then, I’d get lash extensions and Beyoncé weaves/wigs for days.

Trista: I don’t even know. Lots of classy nips and tucks, I believe.

Dan: Everything La Prairie all day every day.

Maricar: Sulwhassoo is expensive and hard to get here, so if I won the lotto, I’d stock up on everything. Their emulsion and balancing water keep my combination skin hydrated year-long. I’d also buy a ton of Giorgio Armani lipsticks (LOVE their lip gels) and Tom Ford (for lipsticks) and Cle de Peau makeup (they make an amazing highlighter, and I want to try their concealer).

Sable: One new face. I want my new face to light up in case I am afraid of the dark.

I know they say money can’t buy happiness, but it can totally buy me La Mer products and an eyelift which is pretty much the same.

How about you guys? What beauty products and treatments are on your to-do list when you definitely win Powerball tonight?