What Do You Search For On Pinterest? Plus, COTW!

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December 13, 2014
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I want a show of hands: how many of you are Pinterest-obsessed? I love the application as a virtual scrapbook for things I want to try, whether recipes or beauty tricks.

Recently I was looking for good DIY gift ideas and I came across THIS.

I took a stab at it without having any of the right materials--but whatever, it was fun busywork--and I think it turned out cute. Eh?

Now for your Comments of The Week!

1. Like any sane human, I am a huge Tilda Swinton fan. I like how “Chasteberry” summed up what it takes to be a style icon like Tilda.

“I love her so much that I might even buy [her] perfume. Seriously, though, I love SWINTON because she is fiercely committed to doing her work well, and fiercely committed to her own personal integrity. She has a flawless sense of fashion; maybe it's weird, but it's always perfectly done. She does things that would look like trying too hard on other people, and does them effortlessly, because they're just Her Thing. In a way, it's her commitment to being her real self that makes her seem so otherworldly.” --"Chasteberry"

2. Everyone loves a good multi-use beauty product, right? If you are a fan of cheap or vintage sunnies, this tip from “Lorelle Marie” is going to save you the heartbreak of a lost screw.

“I put clear polish on the little screws on the sides of my glasses + sunglasses because they kept popping out or being too loose. I also use nail polish on safety pins to make them different colors for fun stylish purposes” --"Lorelle Marie"

3. Instead of giving unconventional beauty trends from other cultures the side-eye, take a cue from “Bette Noire” and remember how "weird" your own beauty rituals might be to someone else.

“I wish that I could agree with the comments that this is an example of Korean beauty standards being ridiculous (which they kind of are). Except the last time I cracked open a Cosmo left on the break room table at work, they were talking about "weird, embarrassing hairlines" and how a couple of their editors get theirs waxed into a "more attractive" shape.

F**k that mess. It's just your hairline. I've never thought to myself "Man, she'd be really pretty if it wasn't for that widows peak." Let's not let this be a thing.” --“Bette Noire”

4. Thanks to “originaljrc,” I don’t think I’ll ever look at Barbie-pink lipstick the same again:

“ This definitely reminded me to get out my neon pink lipstick more. It's such a fun mix of femme and aggression. Power femme, if you will.” --"originaljrc"

5. “Anna” shared some terrific beauty-boosting tips of her own on Kaleigh’s article.

“These are really good tips! I 'm going to try the brow gel on my lashes for sure. Here are my tricks:

1) Using chapstick instead of brow gel: beautiful, slightly glossy brows that don't feel stiff

2) To making any lipstick last: I press oil blotting papers on my lips and re-apply. The emollient oils absorb into the paper and leave pure pigment behind

3) Using hair oil before I start braiding...makes all the difference for me” --"Anna"

I’m off to my very first work holiday party tonight, and even though it’s pretty casual, I’m going to do it up. Wish me luck!

  • What do you Pin? My FIL claims to use Pinterest "for jokes" and I told him he’s doing it wrong.
  • Are you crafty? I feel like I’m the only non-knitter in the world right now...
  • Do you make DIY gifts? What kind?