4 Times Hollywood Leading Ladies’ Makeup and Hair Looked Impossibly Flawless in the Midst of Danger

You’re not fooling anyone, Hollywood…

As a kid who adored Jurassic Park (and even its less-than-stellar follow-ups), I was not going to miss out on Jurassic World. While I found the movie to be entertaining overall, a good friend pointed out something to me afterwards that I had pointedly tried to ignore for most of the movie.

"I mean it was OK," Sarah said to me, "but I was so distracted by Bryce Dallas Howard’s perfect hair that it just didn’t even seem real. She went from perfectly smooth and straight bob to perfectly curled bob even though she was running around the jungle.”


She was right, and it got me thinking about other times I’ve seen makeup and hair in movies look nothing short of perfect in impossible situations.

Since we started out with Jurassic World, let’s examine Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) a little further. I should probably go ahead and disclose that every woman on this list is gorgeous to begin with and BDH is no exception. She starts out the movie looking like a sharp “boss bitch,” and despite running around a hot, humid, tropical atmosphere for the better part of a day (in spike heels no less) manages to end up looking artfully smudged and strategically tousled at best.

I don’t do a lot of jungle exploration (and by that I mean I don’t explore jungles at all), but I do deal with at least a little bit of humidity on the regular. Let me tell you, my curls look nothing like this at the end of the day (despite my best efforts).

Can I just get the name of whatever eyeliner and lip stain she’s rocking too? I need that kind of staying power.

This really takes me back to another time when I found myself distracted by the flawlessness of another leading lady while watching an action-packed movie.

I give you Exhibit B: Megan Fox in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

I’m fully aware that Megan Fox is meant to be eye candy in the Transformers franchise, and I definitely think she is a beautiful woman. However, anyone who has ever worn lip gloss ever knows that it is impossible to keep it from collecting debris during normal day, let alone in the middle of a giant robot smackdown in the desert. Yet, at the crux of the film, you see Mikaela in all her glossy glory with not a single grain of sand to tarnish the immaculate sheen of her lips or to even dirty up her foundation. WHAT EVEN!?

Despite the fact that I feel like the Resident Evil movies get progressively worse as they go along, I still continue to watch every single one that comes out. To be honest, I just really like to see people (women especially) blow things up and kick people in the face (add a dash of trachea chopping and you’ve got my full attention).

Normally the character Alice (played by Mila Jovovich) looks relatively “no-muss, no-fuss” but in Resident Evil: Afterlife, she took a turn for the glam.

I appreciate that Mila Jovovich has a bone structure worth celebrating, but I just don’t buy that her strong cheekbone contour, perfect “your lips but better” lipstick, and subtle yet smoky eye could withstand ALL that action. I mean if this is possible, please tell me what kind of setting spray your using so I can drown myself in a vat of it.

My final example is Angelina Jolie in pretty much any action movie she’s ever been. For tangible example’s sake, I picked her role as Evelyn Salt. Her makeup in general is pretty understated, but her cat eye game defies logic.

In the shot above, she’s covered in the remnants of the ceiling she just BLEW UP and yet her wings still remain unmoved. I got a speck of dust in my eye once from my car’s AC and it shot my carefully crafted winged liner straight to H-E-double-hockey-sticks, if you know what I mean.

I love a good action movie, but just once, I'd like to see a little more realism when it comes to makeup in the movie world. A girl can dream, right?

  • Do you find movie makeup choices to be distracting?
  • What looks come to mind when you think about flawlessness in intense circumstances?