Perfect365's Halloween Pack is Spooky AF

I spent way too much time playing with this.
Publish date:
October 12, 2015
halloween, apps, perfect365, xohalloween, Halloween Makeup

When I got the press release in my email detailing the new Perfect365 "Ghoulish Halloween package," I was:

  • Kind of surprised to hear that Perfect365 was still a thing.
  • Even more surprised to hear that it was thriving with "more than 65 million users worldwide and loved by celebrities," including the infamous Kardashian Klan.

Always up for adventure, especially when it comes to Halloween and all things spooky, I promptly rummaged through my phone for the app, which I'd previously used to give makeovers to world dictators in my downtime. #PutinOnTheGlitz #MaoVelous

From there, I secured the $1.99 extension pack (WORTH IT) and then spent two hours of time I should have been catching up on emails to spook myself out.

Reptilian Face

Pictured above... and here's some more just for fun:



OK this one is definitely my favorite. I think it works on pretty much every single picture, so have fun with it...


So appropriately named, no? Even though the zipperface offers the most dramatic impact of the bunch, this one is probably the most disturbing.

I was using other people's pictures to see how the app worked on various faces, and I just could not bring myself to use this one on my boyfriend's handsome mug. Seriously... we live in a disturbed world, folks.

OK so there you have it. Thoughts? Concerns? Are you scared? Are these as scary as the normal Perfect365 faces? And finally, does this have potential to be the lazy person's Halloween costume? Let's discuss.