Put on Your Japanese Pedicure Pantyhose, Kids, It's Time for This Week's Beauty News!

Plus, a quiet blowdryer, selectively permanent tattoo ink, and Best Human, Dolly Parton.
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April 27, 2016

Today's beauty news is a little late, but I have a good excuse. TOAST CAME TO THE TIME INC OFFICES! No, not the cooked bread. Toast, the Instagram-famous dog! She was just waddling on through in her striped tee, being soft and adorable. So of course, I had to hang out with her for a little while.

But enough about the greatest day of my life. On to the news!

Dolly Parton wants a makeup line, and I want Dolly Parton to have a makeup line

There is no more perfect role model in the world than Dolly Rebecca Parton. I strive to have her amazing attitude and energy, and I sure as hell wouldn't mind having a five-decade singing career either. And if she had her own makeup line, too? That would make her an off-the-charts life-living hero.

Dolly told Paper, "I'd love to have a cosmetic line," when they asked her what's on her bucket list (which is really short because she basically does everything she wants to do). It's literally a single sentence about something she'd be interested in doing, but I'm grabbing that smidgen of hope and holding on tight. (Dead serious — I accidentally typed "holding on tit" first.)

Whether or not a Dolly Parton makeup brand will happen is yet to be decided (c'mon, MAC, at least give her a collab!), but there's no doubt that Dolly values her cosmetics. When asked how she stays young, she answered, "Good doctor, good lighting, good makeup and a good attitude."


These stockings are both ingenious and confusing

One thing a lot of people look forward to as the weather warms up is the chance to get and show off pedicures. (I am not one of these people, as I have genuinely peculiar, chronically short toenails.) Those who love nail art are faced with a challenge, though: although the big toenail is usually a big enough canvas for some creativity, the rest of the toenails are pretty tiny.

A new line of pantyhose from Japanese brand Belle Maison kiiiiiind of solves that problem. As our very own Wendy reports on the MIMI channel of InStyle: "These stockings feature individual toes — like those rainbow knee-high socks from the ‘90s — that are pre-painted with cute designs. You slip them on, line the designs up with your toenails, and then walk around with a compliment-worthy pedicure that required zero effort on your part."

I guess where this doesn't make quite enough sense to me is the whole wearing-stockings-in-pedicure-weather. It's a bit of a contradiction, no?

But considering they're not available outside of Japan, I don't have to lose any sleep over it.

This tattoo ink is permanent, but also not permanent, and nothing makes sense anymore

I swear, just this morning on the train, I was wondering why something like this hadn't been invented yet. Am I imagining this entire news item? Let me know if this link to the website for permanent-only-if-you-want-it-to-be tattoo ink brand Ephemeral goes to a blank GoDaddy page or something, but I seriously think I might have made this happen with my mind.

Anyway, Ephemeral is a kind of tattoo ink developed by NYU chemical engineers, and basically, it's permanent, but it's made with some special secret ingredient that responds to a removal solution. That means no painful lasers! Sucks for dermatologists that make big bucks that way, but it doesn't suck for tattoo artists because it will be useable with existing equipment, and it definitely doesn't suck for people who request it for a tattoo they end up regretting.

Finally, a blowdryer that won't scare the shit out of your dog!

Leave it to those clever chaps at Dyson to come up with the world's first truly quiet blowdryer.

We don't know too much about the Supersonic yet — other than the fact that it will cost $399 when when it launches in September and that the motor emits a tone inaudible to human ears — but based on the video Jen Atkin posted to Instagram, the vacuum company seems to have made a dryer that doesn't suck. GET IT? VACCUM. SUCK. Don't forget to tip your bartender.


the FUTURE is now. 🚀 @dysonhair (aka :30 of the secret I kept 🙊)

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  • Would you spend a lot on a blowdryer if it was silent?
  • Those stockings: yay or nay?
  • Would you be more likely to get a tattoo if you knew it would be easier to remove?