Let's Talk About Passport Photo Beauty, Plus COTW!

Does anyone else primp for passport/driver's license photos?
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February 27, 2016
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When I went to have my passport photo taken recently, I decided to spend some time beforehand doing my makeup: BB cream, brows, eyeliner and mascara, and lipstick (specifically, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita). I even darkened the mole next to my lips a little bit to be sure it'd show up.

For some people, this might seem like too much effort for a tiny photo, but I figure I'll have this passport for 10 years, so I might as well make sure I like how I look in the picture. I tried to smize, too, of course (no actual smiling allowed in passport photos apparently, which suits me just fine). Sadly my smize looks more like RBF.

The other day I found my very first driver's license, so I decided to compare that to my most recent license and my passport photo. The most striking difference is my hair; I wonder what it will look like in my new passport photo 10 years from now. Hell, my hair looks different from my passport photo already and it's only a week later.

Also I like how I get progressively grumpier as the years go on.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. "KelleySayWahh" knows how you can get Scully's beauty look:

First off, I'm so glad I'm not the only one obsessed with Scully's lipstick! I had seen another thread about this on Reddit a few months back. Apparently she used Chanel Aqua Crayon in Cognac and MAC lipstick in Shhh, which is very sadly discontinued. I did some poking around, and Three Custom Color does have Shhh in their archives, so if you wanted to shell out $60 for two tubes that might be your best option. I've been thinking about it, but if anyone else decides to try it then I would love to hear the results!

2. "lauren84" offered a podcast recommendation if you're into hearing about more weird Hollywood beauty tricks:

I just started listening to "You Must Remember This", an AWESOME podcast about Hollywood stories, scandals, and forgotten histories. The Jean Harlow and Gloria Grahame episodes in particular detail some of the more extreme things Hollywood stars did to achieve their look. Grahame was so insecure about her lips that she not only had multiple plastic surgeries but she stuck wads of tissue under her top lip to make it more pronounced - making kissing scenes a true misery for any actor who had to kiss her! I can't recommend this podcast enough - it's well researched, totally fascinating, and host Karina Longworth has a read gift for storytelling!

3. "Redhead Fox" actually had me sorta wanting to go to Walmart for these lipstick shades:

Since this is a lipstick article, I wanted to give a shout out to the new lipsticks from Hard Candy. I know they're not indie, but they're selling lipstick in harder to find shades (true lavender, pastel blue, etc.) at a brick and mortal place! So far I've only seen them at Walmart, which I know is a no-no for some, but I'm from a small town where Walmart is one of the very few stores. I bought the pastel blue because I have every other shade; it's opaque and goes on creamy for $6. It does smell like cheap fruity makeup, but my cheaper lipsticks always smell odd to me.

4. "veronica-wasboyski" had the perfect reaction to this week's news round-up:

Neck contouring & bleached eyebrows...do we live in The Capitol? When can we get that mat that you step on and it dries your body and straightens your hair?

5. "Teensyslews" had a good tip if you don't want to use hot rollers but want something similar:

Steam rollers, y'all. Straight up hot rollers kill my hair (so much heat on the ends!!!!!) but steam rollers leave my hair with tons of volume and super soft. I use the Caruso one, it's great.

  • Do you do your hair and makeup for passport/driver's license photos?
  • Post yours in the comments if you'd like, especially if they're super hot or hilariously bad!