Someone in This Weekend's News Considers Barbie Their Beauty Icon, But It's Not Paris Hilton

Plus:a college student made his own braces — and they worked!
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March 20, 2016
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Happy Sunday! I'm too hungover to think of anything cute or cheeky to say to welcome you to the weekend beauty news, because I was drinking something called Bullfrogs last night, and they were suspiciously blue-green. I made it a rule a long time ago not to drink blue drinks, but here we are. Coincidentally, I guess I spent $15 on TouchTunes at my favorite dive bar. That's almost a MAC lipstick, dammit!

Scent-based dating service is right up my alley (just not with this hangover)

I'm one of those "scent people." If I'm seeing a guy and something about his aroma feels off to me, I can't get over it. I need to feel an olfactory connection.

I'm not the only one, though. There's a new Brooklyn dating app called Smell Dating, a mail-order service where every participant wears a t-shirt for three days sans showering, letting it get all smelly and basically making it a part of your skin. Then, you send the shirt back and you get 10 participants' shirts in return. If you find someone's aroma alluring, and they like yours too, it's a match and Smell Dating hooks you up. It's like a weird, primal Tinder.

The folks behind Smell Dating aren't into online dating, and they wanted to try something new, something with a little bit of science behind it. "Smell Dating closes digital distance by restoring your molecular intuition," the site says. "Our members make connections via deeply intuitive cues, perfected in the ancient laboratory of human evolution.”

Smell Dating doesn't split you up via gender or sexual preference. They let biology do the talking. "Even in blinded experiments, subjects' smell preferences align broadly with their sexual desires." The first round has gone out to participants already, but if you're interested and you're in Brooklyn, sign up! I can't make Marci or Sable do it because they have boyfriends!

DIY braces — not such a bad idea, TBH

When I was little, I really, really wanted braces. All my babysitters had them, and I thought they were so cool. Since I only have one crooked tooth, it was decided that braces weren't in the cards for me, which is totally fine. I like my weird little tooth.

A student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology had always wanted braces, too, but orthodontia doesn't come cheap, and neither does Invisalign. Amos Dudley took the future of his smile into his own hands and with the help of 3D printers, created his own braces!

When you read DIY braces, did you imagine a complex and scary wire arrangement in someone's mouth? I did. Amos is a digital design student, so making his own braces wasn't too difficult for him. He studied up on orthodontics and then practiced making molds, which he printed out on 3D printers. Isn't the future grand? Maybe some day teenagers will just print out their braces instead of going in to change the color of the rubber bands. (Do they still do that?)

You can see Amos' before-and-after pictures on his blog and read more about his process if you're interested, but he recommends you don't try this on your own.

Another Barbie lady comin' through to steal your press

Why are some women so obsessed with getting plastic surgery to look like Barbie? I mean, the end result doesn't ever really look like Mattel doll, does it? Nanette Hammond of Cincinnati spent over $500K in pursuit of a plasticine body like the doll, including increasing her bust size to a 28H.

Nanette has no apologies about her look. She drives a hot pink convertible like the one my Barbies had, goes tanning, has her lashes done and gets Botox and fillers on the regular.

"I feel for my kids because they see this and they're not used to. I've tried to tell them that people can be nasty, negative and rude," she says of her look. "I'm blessed. My kids are healthy, my husband treats me like a princess every day. [My life] is better than Barbie."

I don't know how I feel about these extreme looks, but in the video, Nanette's life looks pretty great. Her kids seem happy, her husband clearly loves her, and she seems to be fairly level-headed about the whole thing. She just loves plastic surgery! On the other hand, this extreme look could be the result of some deep-down confidence issues. It's not for me to judge, just to be fascinated by.

Oops, a celebrity snuck in to the news

I was going to try really hard to keep the weekend news celebrity-free, like Marci did on Wednesday, but then this flashed across my radar and I couldn't resist.

I love Paris Hilton, OK? For some reason, whenever Paris spills her beauty secrets, I'm like "I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IMMEDIATELY!" I never consumed any Paris-related media when she was her most relevant, but now that she's not all over magazines and TV screens, I'm into her. Paris is so business savvy and owns her image; she literally has pillows with pictures of herself on her couch. I love it.

Paris gave Telegraph a peek into her beauty routine and revealed that Audrey Hepburn is her beauty icon.

"I have always loved her big-eyed look. She rocked the eyeliner — it’s so simple but glamorous at the same time," she said.

I'm pleased to see that Paris wears her own perfumes, too. Talk about buying into your own brand. Never change, Paris.

  • Did you have braces when you were a kid? What was it like?
  • What scents attract you to another person? Is there an aroma that immediately repels you? Do you think a scent-based dating service is legit?
  • Do you love Paris Hilton too? Come on, don't be shy.