The xoVain Contributor Guide to Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year

It's about to get MUCH easier to be green.

Breaking news everyone: The Pantone Color Institute has chosen this humble date to announce 2017's Color of the Year: Greenery.

You may be thinking of lush verdant forests, the wilds of south Florida, money, or maybe even a nod to 420 friendliness. But with thunderous drum roll, brash trumpets and razzle dazzle, we have...

Considering that so many industries look to Pantone for color trend forecasting (which seems weird in concept but I guess everyone loves a mood board), just try and wrap your brain around how many things will now be available in what I consider a Keroppi world color scheme.

When I was very wee, I had a little plush Keroppi doll and my brother had a big stuffed bunny and we made up a game called Keroppi & Bunny and it was basically a sketch show performed to no one, à la All That. Which is exactly what I thought of when greenery came out, as it were.

But considering how the beauty world is all about color, I can't imagine that all this green makeup is going to be released, although if it does it will perhaps be in capsule collections which will undoubtedly go on sale the following season. Green beauty products, in the enviro-conscious sense however— I'm all about that. In fact, the Pantone Color Institute released this optimistic statement about this appointment:

But if you're thinking, Now how the hell am I supposed to be incorporating this into beauty? (I mean, I am, but that's because it's my job) apparently, a bunch of xoVainers have had their fingers on this Greenery pulse long before it was crowned Miss Color 2017.

OG Annie chose to wear this super bright green eyeliner to ward off pinchers on St. Patrick's Day.

Marci matched her eyeshadow to her banana-phoning shoe

Tamara is convincing me that maybe green eye makeup is actually a very good idea...

Okay, technically Tynan's lipsticks in this all-green-lipsticks story are darker than greenery, but whatever — it's greenery-adjacent and also opening my brain to new possibilities for green lips.

And lil baby Rachel is pioneering almost all-green makeup here — I forget why, but it's cute so whatever.

I'm sad that this particular mascara in Danielle's green mascara story was Limited Edition because it looks so cool on brown eyes! Which I have!

Again, a more jewel-toned take on Greenery, but also a very convincing argument for bright green eye makeup from the court of Alle!

  • How do you feel about this Pantone Color of the Year appointment?
  • Were you into Keroppi as a kid? Or still are (I still am)?
  • Any good green makeup looks ya got?