Nail Polish For Your Walls, Whitening Your Eyeballs & A Kardashian Clone

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Publish date:
July 16, 2014
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• I don’t know about you, but when I fall in love with a nail polish shade, I become mildly obsessed and want it on everything--including my home decor. Thankfully, for polish junkies like myself, OPI collaborated with Clark + Kensington to translate 18 of its iconic nail shades, including OPI Red and Over The Taupe, into wall paint. [Clark+Kensingston]

• Show of hands: If you could get someone to come to your office and give you a manicure, updo, or spray tan (!) at your desk, would you do it? [NYDailyNews]

• Ever stared in the mirror just hoping and wishing you could somehow get whiter eyeballs? No? Neither have I, but if that’s one of your things, here are eight tricks to make those babies brighter. [TheCut]

• Love nail art? Love history? Combine the two and help support the making of #NailedIt, a documentary about the rise of Vietnamese-American nail salons in the 1970s. [InStyle]

• Do you often have cracks in the corners of your mouth that just won’t soften no matter how much balm, oil, or salve you put on them? Maybe you're not suffering from crazy-dry lips; maybe it's an iron deficiency. Here's how you can tell, along with some other signs that you may need more vitamins in your life. [YahooBeauty]

• You don’t have to understand natural hair, but you must respect the 'fro. In doing so, here are 15 things you should never say to a person with natural hair, or prepare yourself for a major eye-roll. [HuffPost]

• If you thought the $50 bikini facial was silly, how do you feel about the $500 butt facial? [DailyMail]

This is what happens when you Keep Up With The Kardashians: You spend $30,000 reconstructing your face and body to look like Kim. #FixItJesus [UsMagazine]

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