Open Thread: What Are You Bringing To The Table?

I got the Cool Whip.
Publish date:
November 26, 2014
open thread, food coma, Thanksgiving

My parents are both incredible cooks, the kind who make their own pasta from scratch, are skilled sauciers, and can whip up something delicious from the random stuff they have in their kitchens.

I am...not like my parents. Or not yet, anyway. My interest in cooking is nascent at best. I'm coming around, but not at the pace my father would like. The fact that I've not yet made my own soup stock disappoints him to no end. One day, Pops! One day.

But tomorrow I will be pressed into service. I'm responsible for two things: Green beans (I love this oven-roasted green beans recipe. It is so EASY and seems way fancier than it is) and Cool Whip. My love of the Whip is legendary among my family and friends. I don't want to see the pie. Oh no. Every visible inch of it must be covered in Cool Whip. And only then will I eat it. I am counting the hours.

  • What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?
  • Can you cook? Like, for real?
  • Do you like Cool Whip or do you prefer real whipped cream?
  • Are you going to do any shopping this weekend for beauty deals or anything else?

Talk that talk in your Open Thread.

PS: Team Vain will be posting on an abbreviated schedule for the holiday. Business as usual on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving (if you're celebrating it) and enjoy your weekend!