Open Thread: Plugged In

Rise of the (beauty) machines!
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January 16, 2015
clarisonic, open thread, Foreo, sonicare, skin care devices, gosmile

The other day, I was looking for something in one of my bathroom drawers, and noticed that it has suddenly become a tangle of chargers and cords:

There's one for my Clarisonic, my Foreo Luna, my Sonicare HealthyWhite toothbrush, and my GoSmile Sonic Blue toothbrush, which I haven't yet used, but is on my list of Things to Test in 2015.

I can't pinpoint the moment where I went from having zero beauty electronics to having all the beauty electronics, but I can tell you that both the Sonicare and Clarisonic have made a huge positive difference on my teeth/skin. Further, if I were forced to choose between them, I would pick the Sonicare. It's THAT good. So I'm curious to see how the GoSmile compares.

The Foreo Luna, I'm not exactly sure what it's doing, but I enjoy using it. On days where I've been especially frowny or squinty, like really staring at a computer screen, the so-called "Anti-Aging" side of the Luna does seem to soften the appearance of the elevens between my eyes. Mainly, it gives a pleasant facial massage, and there's some benefit to that.

  • Do you guys regularly use any beauty devices?
  • Any you want to try or are curious about?
  • Sonicare owners: Are you as in love with yours as I am with mine?

Tell us how the machines are making your life better (or not), along with any other beauty questions/complaints you currently have, in this week's Open Thread. BEEP BOOP BEEP.