Open Thread: It's The Little Things

Stowaway cosmetics wants to help you to downsize your beauty routine.
Publish date:
February 27, 2015
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In keeping with the theme of last week's Open Thread, I'm currently on a mission to lighten my beauty load. So when this delivery from Stowaway arrived at the office, I was like, "IT'S A SIGN." Here's an entire range of products that are miniature (but not stingy), minimalist (they weigh next to nothing), and meant to take up less space in your bag (nothing is larger than your average lipstick tube).

Stowaway, founded by two women here in NYC, offers only the essentials, six products in total: BB cream, concealer, cream lipstick, lip/cheek tint, mascara, and eyeliner. Their hook is that at this size, you're more likely to finish something before it goes bad. (YMMV, of course.) You can buy things individually, or for $75, you can get the Stowaway Kit, which contains one of everything--you pick the shades--and it comes in a gray pouch that's the size of a pencil case.

The products are all paraben-, phthalate-, and cruelty-free, and the formulas are nice; I tested the lip/cheek tint, cream lipstick, and concealer--everything felt light and comfortable on my face. Right now, the shade range is pretty limited--only three lipstick colors, and four each of the BB cream and concealer, the deepest being Tan (sigh), a medium brown. But I'm told they are working to expand that soon.

Now, do you NEED Stowaway in your life? I mean, I suppose one could argue that nobody "needs" anything we write about on the site. But I can see this appealing to those who are design-minded (it's really attractive), those who travel a lot (they managed to cram a LOT of product into that packaging), and those who want to simplify their beauty routine/are overwhelmed by all the options out there.

Now, you:

  • How minimal is your makeup routine? (Is it fewer-than-six-products minimal?)
  • Do you take your whole face with you every day in your bag or just a few select things for touchups?
  • Do you get stressed out by having so many makeup choices?

Share and share alike, about this or any other pressing beauty topics you want to discuss, in this week's pared-down Open Thread.