OPEN THREAD: Change Is Good

Especially quarters, because LAUNDRY, amirite?
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April 1, 2016
open thread

It's been a week of big and small changes over here in xoVain Land. (OMG, that would be such a good theme park.) OK, some of those changes apply to just me. I FINALLY MOVED.

My boyfriend and I combined forces... er... furniture... and after what seems like an eternity, we now live in an awesome new neighborhood. Part of what makes it awesome is the fact that random-girl-looking-for-a-roommate-on-Craigslist (seriously, that's how Annie discovered her back in 2013) turned xoVain writer turned good friend, Sable, and I are literally a five-minute walk away from each other (and Alle is a less-than-20-minute jaunt). Actually, even good ol' Annie is close by — sorta. The very first day I entered my new subway station to head to work, I was greeted with this:

This move affects me beauty-wise (other than the Glossier subway station takeover) by helping me pare down all the stuff I probably wasn't going to use, and getting the stuff I'm most excited about trying organized. I'm gonna have such a grown-up routine, you guys (just in time — or rather, long overdue — for my 37th birthday in a couple weeks)!

Other changes this week: you might have heard from somewhat confusing reports that xoJane and xoVain have become part of the InStyle family. That's true! And awesome! (We already sit next to the InStyle photo editors here at Time Inc. and I love those guys. And by guys, I mean all women and one guy.) But some of the info seems to have gotten a little misreported, like in this Fashionista article. Let's review, shall we?

  • "Mimi, The Outfit, xoJane and xoVain will live completely or partially on": NOT EXACTLY. Mimi will become a section of InStyle's website. The XO sites will continue to be freestanding. I actually have no idea about The Outfit because I missed the big meeting the day I was moving and only got updated on the stuff most relevant to XO.
  • "...the title [InStyle] will increase the amount of content it syndicates from Jane Pratt's xoJane and xoVain, which Time bought in October 2015." I THINK THAT'S RIGHT? I HOPE SO, AT LEAST. How fun will it be to see xoVain stuff on InStyle, right?
  • "While Pratt's sites [that's us!] will also continue to operate through their own landing pages, they, along with Mimi and The Outfit, will officially be part of what Time has dubbed The InStyle Collection." OK, YES, THAT SEEMS ABOUT RIGHT. I need to step up my office wardrobe if I'm part of the *~The InStyle Collection.~*

I mean, that's about it. We're still doing what we usually do, just with a closer association with InStyle. Win-win!

The last change I'm thrilled to announce is that Kelly has been named Contributing Editor at xoVain! She's been writing awesome stuff here since just a couple months after our March 2013 launch. She makes us laugh, she makes us want to shave our heads, and she makes us want to pet her dog, Doug, on a nearly weekly basis.

Let us celebrate with this babely photo from Kelly's very first xoVain article.

  • Have you had any major changes in your life lately, beauty-related or otherwise?
  • Have you been following Kelly's stories from the beginning?
  • What kind of beauty rides would you want in an xoVain theme park?