Open Thread: Do You Still Read Magazines?

Yes and no.
Publish date:
December 5, 2014
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Recently, I was sent the press kit for a new multimedia brand targeted toward millennials that will launch in the spring with a "collectible print component," which, upon further reading, I determined was this brand's lingo for "magazine."

Oh. So that's what we're calling them now?

I've worked in both digital and print media throughout my 15-year career. But if you'd have told me back in 1999 that I would eventually edit a Web site dedicated to beauty, I would have cracked up.

At that time, the Internet was a MUCH different place, and though it was fun and very new (and slooooow: shout out to 28.8 modems!), part of me was like, "This may not last forever." I loved the Internet, but I believed in magazines.

And you know what, I still do. Times have changed, but there's room for both. The Internet and magazines serve different purposes in my life. Also, I want to support the work of my friends who write for or edit magazines. While I have ramped back considerably on my print consumption (mostly for clutter reasons), I regularly buy single copies of, or subscribe to, the following:

These days, I get the majority of my news online, mostly from my Twitter feed, which skews heavily toward beauty, fashion, and hip-hop beefs. And I check in on a large number of sites throughout my day via Flipboard and Feedly (but man, do I miss Google Reader).

Yet I will always hold a special place in my heart for the printed page, er, collectible print component, as long as it continues to exist.

Tell me all about your reading habits--and get to solving your beauty problems--because sharing is caring in this week's Open Thread.