Which Discontinued Beauty Product Do You Miss the Most?

If you find your favorite perfume from 20 years ago on eBay, it probably doesn't still smell good, right?
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September 30, 2016
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This week, I asked my xoVain contributors a question that's nearly impossible for me to answer myself: Which discontinued beauty product do you miss the most? (Perhaps you predicted even before you got to the colon of the last sentence that this would be the question, considering it is also in a larger font a couple inches up.)

I've seen so many great products come and go. But I guess only I thought they were great, because they disappeared like tiny bottle-shaped Houdinis. I'm older than a good deal of you lovely readers, so many of you may not even remember some of my favorite old beauty products.

Clairol Glints, for example. I must have been about 12 or 13 when I first tried it — was my first foray into color-treating my hair. My mom said yes to it because it added only a hint of color, and it was gone after you washed your hair a few times. Here, I'll let Rebecca Gayheart explain:

I miss Glints purely for nostalgic reasons — I'm way more willing to commit to hair color than I was when I was in middle school. Actually, I'm way more willing to commit to hair color than my mother was willing to let me commit to in middle school.

I also recall being madly in love with one of Gap's late-90s, early-2000s fragrances, and it's driving me absolutely crazy that I can't think of its name. Even Google isn't helping. But they definitely don't make it anymore. I can barely remember the scent, but I remember feeling like it was made for me.

But enough of my deep, cutting losses. Let's hear about some others.

Which discontinued beauty product do you miss the most?

Caitlin: "FX Curls Up. There's half a bottle of it left under the sink at my parents house, and it gives me the most perfectly shiny, defined curls. I haven't found anything else like it because it's like a thick dimethicone serum minus the grease factor. RIP."

Allison: "Smackers lip flips! I would still use those given the chance. Also just from browsing what makeup has been discontinued there are so many websites you can buy discontinued makeup from, and it all seems so sketchy. Like, be sad it's gone but don't spend $30 to rub some 10 year old goo on your face."

Annie W. D.: "Like everyone on earth: MAC Uninterrupted and NARS Douceur."

Kara: "Shalimar Light!"


Tamara: "Bath & Body Works Oak — the lotion and the cologne. It's probably the first fragrance that made me realize I like to wear "dude" scents, and I still think it smells amazing (my friend's dad has his bottle still, so I always sniff it when I'm over there)."

Lauren: "That roll-on scented eye glitter from Bath & Body Works."

Christina: "YSL Parisienne. It's my signature scent and the only perfume I've ever adored in my whole life and now it's dead just like my hopes and dreams. I don't know if it's discontinued everywhere, but it has been discontinued for a while in South Africa."

Kelly: "I was bummed to hear that Diptyque discontinued my fave, Volutes, but it spurred me to buy the EDT and I can still buy the EDP one day when I run out. (Although I have no idea if one smells better than the other. Crossing my fingers I like the EDP!)"

Victoria: "Urban Decay Wedding Singer lipstick. (from the movie, i think i just dated myself) it was my perfect red *sniff*"

Maricar: "I miss my Stila Color Push Up in Rose Flash mostly for nostalgic reasons. I used it as a lip color and cheek color in my teens. Also, Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Top Coat — my mascara would NEVER smudge when I used it."

Hannah L.: "I just googled L'Oreal Kids shampoo because the advert had a powerful effect on me. I thought it would be discontinued by now but I was wrong, yay!"

OK, time to pour one out in comment form: Which discontinued beauty product do you miss the most?