Open Thread: Ow! My Face!

According to my skin, winter is officially here.
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January 9, 2015
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I saw the below cartoon posted on Tamara's Instagram, and I cracked up:

It gave me a flashback to when I lived in Chicago: I moved there in winter of 1999, and about a month in, I was leaving work one night, walking from my office, which was at North Lake Shore Drive (lake-effect cold), across Superior (regular cold) to Michigan Avenue (polar vortex cold), toward the bus stop, thinking I had never been so cold in my entire life. My eyes wouldn't stop watering, my hands and feet (in hardcore gloves and boots, mind you) were numb, and my face hurt so much--windburn hurt. "Why did I move here?," I thought. "Like, actually, why?"

And yet I stayed for six years! (What can I say, Chicago has its charms.)

I had a little of that same face-hurty feeling yesterday, running around the city, where it was a balmy 19 degrees (feels like 12!). Winter has fully sunk its teeth into this part of the country, and it is not playing around. To celebrate, my skin is kind of a disaster. It's dry-heat in the office, steam-heat in my apartment, swampy-heat on the subway, and as a result, my face is an oily, flaky mess.

Though I change up my skin care routine with the seasons, I've never found a way to fully combat winter skin--I just kind of treat each problem as it arises. More gentle cleansing, less exfoliation. More hydration, less retinol. More cream at night, less cream for day. Etc., etc.

We'll go deeper into skin care on the site the last week of January, and feel free to weigh in on your go-to winter skin care regimen or problems in the comments!

  • What's the coldest you've ever been?
  • Best winter skin care tip or product?
  • Any former Chicagoans in the house? (Did you move somewhere warmer?)

Talk about it, talk about it, talk about it, talk about it in this week's Open Thread.

PS: February is DIY month at xoVain. Have any awesome beauty DIY stories you want to share with us? Any DIYs you want us to try? Let us know!

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