OPEN THREAD: What Beauty Crimes Have You Committed Lately?

I haven't trimmed my hair in eight months. Lock me up and throw away the key!
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March 20, 2015
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I'm kicking it Jane-style in this week's open thread. There are just TOO MANY things I want to get your thoughts on. I couldn't pick one.

What "beauty crimes" have you committed lately? Rachel is washing her hair almost every day and loving it. Meanwhile, I haven't trimmed my hair in eight months. Lock us up and throw away the keys!

Are there movies or shows that you watch just (or mostly) for the style and beauty inspiration? This thought occurred to me while I was watching 1997's Picture Perfect.

Would you like to see more sex and body content on xoVain? I want someone to test this sexy way to prevent chub-rub. I'd love to do a piece on full, round faces and slicked back hair, because it's a total power look that, as someone with a full, round face, I'm scared to try. And can we please talk about all the "beauty products" for your hoo-ha (if only to call BS on 95% of them)?

Do people shade you for being "a girl who likes herself"? And if so, do you ever feel like you have to apologize for it or downplay your confidence because the world can't deal? Please don't ever feel that way here. My selfie is your selfie and your selfie is my selfie. And if anyone shades your beautiful self confidence I will ban/delete them into Disqus oblivion. (Sidebar: I've only had to ban like three people in my xoCareer. That's how wonderful this community is.)

What else is on your mind this week? It's snowing in NYC and my aunt Flow is visiting so I don't feel like going out tonight.

I've got my tea and I'm here to hang!

3...... 2..... 1...... OPEN THREAD