Beauty Roundup: The NYT's Description of Viola Davis' Beauty Is Extremely Not OK

Plus: men getting bikini waxes, Lady Gaga’s smoking hot new fragrance, and a call for publicly posted health grades on NYC nail salon storefronts.

· One would think that the The New York Times has its ish together, but apparently it doesn't. When is it ever OK to call a woman of color “less classically beautiful," especially when comparing her to another woman of color who just so happens to have lighter skin? Jesus, take the wheel. [NY Times]

· BuzzFeed is at it again, shining a light on what us women go through when it comes to beauty and grooming. This time they had a bunch of men go for bikini waxes. Brava, fellas. [BuzzFeed]

· Lady Gaga released the campaign video for her upcoming fragrance, Eau de Gaga--and it. is. hot. From the looks of the video, I’m assuming the scent will knock you out and make you fall in love all at the same time, which I’m totally down for. [InStyle]

· If you’ve ever been to a New York City restaurant, you may have noticed a large blue health department grade in the window. (Hopefully you didn't eat there if the grade was a C...) A proposal in the City Council calls for a similar letter-grade system in hair and nail salons around the city. Co-sign! [NY Daily News]

· Yep, we’re still talking about Fashion Week, because it’s actually a month long when you include London, Paris, and Milan, which are always the best if you ask us. I can't stop looking at this center-part braid at Giamba... [Fashion Magazine]

· You guys, this 94-year-old woman is making her own eyelashes from her hair, and she looks damn good! [Refinery29]

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