Take an Artistic Selfie After a Seagull Poops Sunscreen On You

Also in this weekend's beauty news: someone has stolen Reese Witherspoon's face, and we remember what the Spice Girls taught us about beauty.
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July 10, 2016
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July is here, and that means the doggiest dog days of summer are just around the corner. (If you're in New York, apparently they're already there.) Here in Minnesota, we've been hovering in the gorgeous mid-80s, which means I've been spending a lot of time on the beach down the street from my apartment. And, unlike years past, I've been covering my bod with SPF 40. After so many years of beauty writing, I've finally realized that yes, sunscreen is important.

Which brings us to this weekend's first news item...

Is this sunscreen-pooping seagull the "stupidest ad ever"?

One sunscreen brand is pushing the necessity of sunscreen at the beach with a new ad campaign that's raising eyebrows and getting laughs. In the ad, a seagull drone flies over unsuspecting patrons, most of them sunscreen-shy children, and "drops its load" of sunscreen all over them.

Is this real? A joke? Have you ever been shat on by a bird at the beach? Because it's a gross, traumatic experience, and the idea of having a ton of sunscreen dropped on me as I lie on my blanket and drink LaCroix sounds awful. Don't you force your seagull sunscreen agenda on me! One ad expert called this the "stupidest thing [he's] ever seen." I don't think it's quite that bad, but... ewwww!

This app turns your selfies into literal art

I love taking selfies, as do most of us over here at good xoVain. I mean, basically every article we write is an exercise in confronting our own faces, flaws and all.

With the Prisma app, though, you can tune your face in a slightly different manner than the filters and tweaks in the apps you may be used to. You can select several different artsy filters, from Mondrian-inspired to a Lichtenstein-style, and then pretend your face is hanging in some fancy gallery. I'd definitely come to the gallery opening of your selfie show if there was free wine.

I tried it for you, and I kind of love it. (Marci, can I use this for all my stories now?)

Five beauty lessons from my five favorite pop stars

The Spice Girls — the group, not the women themselves — are turning 20 this year, which freaks me out. Is this what getting old feels like? My BFFs and I were completely obsessed with the UK fivesome and threw so many Spice-themed "concerts" for our siblings and parents up in Emily's hayloft with rehearsed dance moves and specific solos. I was Baby Spice, obviously, and I wore a pink gingham dress with white platform sneakers from Payless. It was a great time to be a kid because the Girls were such great role models; they were all about girl power and being true to your friends.

They were also total beauty icons. How many of us wore pigtails or plastered blue eyeshadow all over our eyes to emulate the Spices? (All of us.)

The Telegraph rounded up five of the Spice Girls' biggest beauty lessons, including their love of wearing glasses on the red carpet — and now I'm going to blast Spice World and put on a pink dress and maybe some frosted shadow. I still "wannabe" Baby, you know.

Reese Witherspoon has apparently cloned herself

Reese Witherspoon's daughter, Ava, is a total clone of her actress mother. No, seriously. Check it out for yourself.


Mother daughter time ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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There's a liiiiittle bit of her dad, Ryan Philippe, in her face, but otherwise, teenage Ava is all Reese. I stared at it for like a minute trying to figure out which one was which.

As someone who doesn't look like either parent, it's crazy to me that genetics can basically clone your mother's face onto yours. They're so pretty! I wouldn't hate having the lovely looks of Elle Woods, Esq. Would you?

  • Would you be freaked out of a seagull dummy shot sunscreen poop at you?
  • Which artists' work would you like to superimpose over your selfies?
  • Do you look like your mom or dad?
  • And finally, which Spice Girl were you?