How To Purchase Ruby Rose's Attractiveness, and Other Life-Changing Beauty News

For example: Did you know that you have skin between your chin and neck, and that it moves when you move your head?
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June 24, 2015

A month ago, I had never heard of Ruby Rose. I'm an Old, OK? I don't watch Orange is the New Black, and I don't know anything about DJs, other than Tanner. But suddenly, in the last couple of weeks, every post in my Facebook feed is about this otherworldly entertainer.

Ruby Rose explains genderfluidity to the masses!

Thousands of straight women declare Ruby Rose their new girlcrush!

Thousands of other women rebuke those women for qualifying their attraction to Ruby Rose as a "girlcrush!"

Ruby Rose had long, blonde hair once!

Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber take pictures together to everyone's delight even though they bear no resemblance!

There's no denying her gorgeousness, so at least someone cut through all the noise and got down to the truly important stuff:

We now know the products that give Ruby Rose even more beauty than what she was naturally born with.

The Coveteur did what they do best and got Ruby Rose to list stuff she'd definitely spend money on if she didn't get it for free. Amongst those things: SK-II masks, Grown Alchemist moisturizer, Kiehl's eye cream, and Kate Somerville face scrub.

Y'all, I could ExfoliKate the face off my damn skull and it will not grow back looking like Ruby Rose's—let's keep it 100.

First your high heels were trying to kill you; now it's your skinny jeans.

A couple weeks ago, I told you how research shows young women are increasingly breaking their actual persons to wear high heels. And now, a new report has come out about a woman who was diagnosed with compartment syndrome because her skinny jeans were so tight that they cut off blood flow below the knees.

Honestly, it just sounds to me like maybe she was just wearing the wrong-size jeans, right? Like, you could be wearing any-shape jeans that are too small, and that could happen.

Anyway, dress like my late Grandma Ethel and her friend Fanny and you'll be fine. [Mirror]

Model Gigi Hadid posted a picture of herself she doesn't even like to publicly self-shame herself over a "double chin" anyone would have while looking downward.

I can't even, you guys.

Elizabeth and James is launching dry shampoo and whatnot!

I know a lot of you love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's perfumes. No, not their Walmart body sprays—Nirvana Black and Nirvana White, duh. So get excited, Olsenites, because they're trickling new products into Sephora starting, like, now.

Body oil has already shown up, hand cream arrives next month, and what I'm personally most excited about is dry shampoo. In addition to doing what dry shampoo is supposed to do, it's rumored to smell awwwesssommmmmmme. [Allure]

  • What beauty line would you like to see expand?
  • Are you wearing skinny jeans right now? And heels?
  • Models complaining about double chins: can you even?